Positions requiring SHC review

    • New positions funded by university funds (E&G; Designated Funds; Auxiliaries).

    • New grant positions split between grants and other university funding sources (E&G; Designated Funds; Auxiliaries) are required to be reviewed by the Strategic Hiring Committee. 

    • Any other positions not explicitly described within the below exemptions.

    Exemptions from SHC review

    Some position changes do not require SHC review. Review the list of exemptions.

    Due Dates

    Review the list of the position control form due dates and SHC meeting dates.

    Submission Criteria and Process

    Submission of a position control form by the due date indicated does not guarantee that the committee will review the submission at the next meeting.  In order to be reviewed by the SHC, all of the following criteria must be fulfilled:

    1. Position Control Forms must be complete and correct.
      • It is the responsibility of the submitting unit to verify all information on the Position Control Form prior to submission.
    2. All fields of the form filled out.
    3. Forms must be signed by all parties.
      • Digital signatures are acceptable.  
    4. Funding source must be clearly identified by index, account, and position number.
    5. Any necessary supporting documentation is included in the submission email.  
      • These attachments include, but are not limited to:  Salary Offer Worksheet; Organization Chart; Job Description.
    6. Submit as an Excel document.
      • Submissions are due at noon on the Tuesday prior to the SHC meeting.