State Teachers Retirement Service (STRS)

Approximately one year before your intended retirement date we encourage you to contact State Teachers Retirement Service (STRS) to start the conversation regarding your retirement. STRS will provide information about your eligibility and give you pension calculations.

Kent State does not have access to your STRS retirement information.


Schedule an appointment via the STRS website

  • Log into your Personal Account Information.
  • Click on “Schedule an Upcoming Meeting” under “Your Account and Benefits.”
  • Or call STRS Ohio directly at 1-888-227-7877.


Kent State Notification (after your meeting with STRS): Before notifying Kent State of your retirement, you should have determined your last working day as well as your actual retirement effective date.

  • To initiate your retirement from the University, you need to submit a letter of intent to retire to your Department Chair, School Director, College Dean (if you are in a college without a department or school) or Regional Campus Dean, as applicable. This letter should state the effective date of your retirement which is always the first of a month. Your last working date will be the day prior to your retirement date; (e.g., If you are retiring at the end of a spring semester, your last date worked would be the ending date of your contract for that academic year. Your last date worked would be the end date of your faculty contract (usually a date in mid-May) and your retirement would be effective on 6/1.
  • After you submit your letter, your Department/School/College/Campus will submit a Notification of Separation (NOS) workflow which triggers all related Kent State procedures to complete your retirement.