VI. How do I apply?

The “Window Period” for eligible employee elections begins May 11, 2020 and ends June 1, 2020. For faculty members, the window period shall end on June 24, 2020. Late elections will not be accepted. An eligible employee may elect to participate in the Plan by signing and returning the following forms, which will be available beginning May 11, 2020. Forms can be completed securely and efficiently using the DocuSign process located on our VSIP resource page.  Forms may also be returned in person or via registered mail, or electronically before the end of the window period, June 1, 2020. For faculty members, all election forms must be received, or postmarked by June 24, 2020.

  • “Release and Waiver of Claims Agreement”
  • “Notice of Enrollment and Employee Information Form”
  • “Benefit Payment Schedule Election”
  • “Beneficiaries for Plan Payments” (optional)

If such documentation is not signed and returned within the Window Period, then the employee will not be able to participate.