Herrick Conservatory and Sustainability Club Spotlight

Q&A with Herrick Conservatory and Sustainability Club with 2020-21 President, M Onion

Herrick Conservatory Greenhouse

How many members are involved in your organization?
We are currently about a dozen official members, though a good number of folks come and go, volunteering a little time here and there.

What are students areas of study/majors in your organization?
There is a good amount of diversity among our body, with many members expectedly studying biology and botany, but some studying entomology, art, and other subjects.

What types of activities is your group involved with?
Things will be very different for us this year due to covid restrictions.  Ordinarily, the club centers around volunteering at the greenhouse, but for at least this semester (and possibly longer) the greenhouse is closed to everyone except faculty, staff, graduate researchers, and one undergraduate employee. 

What types of activities planning for this year (if known)?
As is written in the club constitution, club activities are centered on volunteering at the Herrick Conservatory.  I would love to bring some more activities into the rotation when we can have in-person meetings again, perhaps focusing a bit more on the “Sustainability” part of the official club title.  Invasive plant removal, nature hikes, stuff like that.  For the time being, though, that is all on the back burner.

How can students get involved with your organization?
The Herrick Conservatory is located behind the bioscience building (Cunningham Hall).  In ordinary times, it is open to the public from 9 am to 5 pm every weekday, and anyone who wants to get involved can simply ask what they can do to help.  We are always looking for more volunteers, and welcome folks of all stripes!  One need not be a botany major to know how to water a plant.  Unfortunately, these are not ordinary times, and we cannot have volunteers until covid restrictions are lifted.

Anything else you want to let people know about your organization?
Most people I talk to about the greenhouse have no idea that (excepting times of global pandemic) anyone is welcome to visit any time they like during operating hours.  There is a large collection of beautiful tropical plants housed within, from tiny Christmas cactuses to full-sized trees.  There are flowers to be found just about every time of the year, and occasionally there is fresh fruit, as well.  It’s a wonderful place to be.

For more information, please contact the faculty advisor: Melissa Davis mdavis7@kent.edu

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