Student Groups

Should you need any adjustments to this page, please contact Melanie Knowles in Sustainability. For a complete list of student organizations at Kent State University visit the link below.

Center for Student Involvement Student Organizations

In Residence Halls


The concept of EcoReps is to facilitate communication and action regarding sustainability between students living on campus and the Office of Sustainability.  EcoReps can relay information about upcoming events and programs to their Hall Councils, and also relay suggestions, ideas and concerns raised by students to the Office of Sustainability.  This avenue for engagement will benefit campus sustainability efforts to create a healthy environment, on campus and beyond. EcoReps attend Kent Interhall Council's Sustainability Committee, chaired by the Director of Community Development. EcoReps work closely with KIC, University Housing, and the Office of Sustainability to present sustainable living on campus to their respective Hall Council residents, coordinate one program a semester touching upon the issues of sustainability in their respective residence hall, and keep their Hall Council informed of all campus-wide programming dealing with sustainability (e.g. Campus Sustainability Month, Do It In the Dark, Campus Race to Zero Waste, Earth Month).

Contact KIC to become involved

Green Zone: A Sustainability Community

The Green Zone: a Sustainability Community is a University Housing Living Learning Program located in Dunbar Hall. It is designed for first- and multi-year students from many different majors who share an interest in learning more about sustainability: environment (place), equity (people), and economy (prosperity). The purpose is for students to explore sustainable living with others interested in sustainability, develop professionally connecting with on- and off-campus sustainability partners, and give back through volunteer opportunities. Custom monthly sustainability themes based on students interests and majors enhance social events. In this community, students will form tight-knit bonds, use their unique talents and interests to leave a lasting positive impact advancing sustainability solutions.

About Green Zone: A Sustainability Community

Kent Interhall Council (KIC)

KIC is a residence hall association that unites individual hall councils on campus to “create a structured environment for residents.” The group is not focused on sustainability but advocates several sustainability programs, such as RecycleMania and Do It In the Dark. 

For more information, please contact the group advisor: Yewande Odunaiya-Moore

KIC website

On Campus

Biology Club

Biology Club is a group of like-minded students interested in the biological sciences including botany, conservation, zoology, biology, ecology, etc. The Biology Club provides hands-on experience with animals, trips to local biological establishments, and speakers throughout the school year. Biology Club is a group of like-minded students interested in the biological sciences including botany, conservation, zoology, biology, ecology, etc.

For more information contact group advisor Adam Leff

Biology Club Website


Chefology is a club dedicated to the students who have a passion for food. Student Members of Chefology are provided opportunities to cook in an educational and social setting; students are encouraged to explore local markets and farms, and are provided resources to be financially competent. 

For more information, please contact organization advisor: Anthony Hamilton


Flashes Fighting Hunger

Flashes Fighting Hunger at Kent State University is a student-powered and volunteer-driven organization dedicated to reducing food waste and promoting food security.

For more information, please contact organization advisor: Amanda Woodyard,

Flashes Fighting Hunger

Future Environmental Professionals Club

FEPC is a student led open organization consisting of members from a wide variety of majors. We are students who are passionate about the nature, sustainability, and the environment. We work to educate, organize, facilitate, and advocate for environmental awareness and activism. 

For more information, please contact the faculty advisor David Kaplan


Habitat for Humanity Kent State Chapter

This organization is a non-profit, charitable campus organization that is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing not only throughout the local area but also the world. Kent State's Habitat for Humanity began in 1994 because students became concerned with the substandard housing problem worldwide, and they wanted to make a difference - even if it was just in their own backyard. Throughout the years, students have worked in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity of Portage County to help deserving families achieve their dream of owning their own house.

For more information, please contact the organization advisor: Lisa Audet 

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Herrick Conservatory And Sustainability Club

To expose students to the field of sustainability and promote positive environmental action. To allow students hands-on experience in a greenhouse setting and provide an opportunity to encourage the conservation of our natural resources.

For more information, please contact the faculty advisor: Melissa Davis


Kent State Environmental Society

The Kent State Environmental Society started in 2014-15 as student organization on the Kent campus that concentrates on education, awareness, and action in order to impart a sense of social and environmental responsibility in both life at home and on campus. Learn about sustainable practices and engage in activities which will help to build a more sustainable, eco-friendly foundation for the future.

For more information please contact faculty advisor: Joe

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Kent State Geological Society

We are the undergraduate student organization for the Earth Sciences Department of Kent State University. The Kent State Geological Society (KSGS) is the oldest student organization at Kent State University with its inception in 1949. Today, we keep the tradition alive with annual events and activities. Our mission is to promote scientific interest in the field of geology and to foster camaraderie among the undergraduate geology majors/minors, as well as all Earth Science majors at Kent State University.

For more information please contact faculty advisor: Daniel Holm,

 KSGS Org Website KSGS Facebook Page KSGS Twitter Page

Kent State University Undergraduate Chapter of the Scientista Foundation

We work to empower undergraduate women in STEM fields. Bi-weekly meetings include discussions about current events, networking, and volunteer opportunities in the community.

For more information please contact faculty advisor Robin Selinger,


Kent State University Biology Graduate Student Council

The purpose of Biology Graduate Student Council is to organize events and socials that bring interdepartmental biology graduate students and faculty members together.

For more information please contact faculty advisor: Heather Caldwell,

KSU Garden Club

KSU Garden Club's goal is to connect students and faculty with an interest in gardening.  They hope to facilitate this interest through education and service projects, such as having a community garden with plots available to club members for a variety of projects (e.g. food garden, seed collection).

To become involved with the club, please email



Kent State Unite for Reproductive Gender and Equity: KSURGE works to educate and advocate for reproductive justice on campus, while building community and spreading positivity. We advocate for comprehensive sex ed, gender, race, and sexual equality in healthcare, eliminating stigma, safe and legal abortions, the right to make your own choices for your health, and more!

For more information please contact faculty advisor: Cassie Pegg-Kirby

Ocean Motion- "A Motion to Save the Ocean" (Kent State marine Conservation Club)

Ocean Motion started in 2014-15 as a Kent State University organization dedicated to marine life and conservation efforts. Ocean Motion reinforces the importance of marine conservation efforts. Their main goal is to spread awareness about preserving the world's oceans and freshwater ecosystems. They educate members, raise money for related national organizations, participate as volunteers, and connect students through fun trips and activities. 

For more information please contact faculty advisor: David Bowers like ocean Motion on Facebook follow ocean Motion on Twitter Email

Peace and Conflict Students

Peace and Conflict Students (PACS) is a pre-professional association for any KSU student interested in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies.  PACS has a network of students and professionals to develop its members professionally and academically.  The organization hopes to partner with other social justice organizations on campus to promote peace, activism, and education. Peace and Conflict Students (PACS) is a pre-professional association for any KSU student interested in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. PACS hopes to promote peace, activism, and education.

Peace and Conflict Students Website

Public Health Student Alliance

Students Working together to improve the quality of life. The Public Health Student Alliance (PHSA) is the official organization for the College of Public Health. PHSA was founded based on the firm belief that students’ of Kent State University participation in humanitarian efforts is important. You may ask what PHSA will do for you? PHSA will provide you with various opportunities to volunteer in the community and within the university. PHSA encourages students to become members and get involved in making a difference in people’s lives, either through volunteering their time or fundraising for various humanitarian causes. Getting involved will give you, the student, a chance to apply some of the concepts learned in class. PHSA strives to present members with a unique perspective, giving members an opportunity to first hand experience the world of Public Health.

For more information please contact faculty advisor: Cindy Widuck

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Students for Environmental Change

The Students for Environmental Change primarily focuses on appreciating the parks and wildlife around us. Our meetings consist of environmental activities such as hikes, community service, upcycling, cook-outs, and simple outdoor study sessions. 

For more information please contact advisor Lauren Kinsman-Costello


The Fabric Pantry

The fabric pantry’s goal is to provide free fabric for students and creatives at Kent State. We want to make sure that the cost of getting supplies doesn't get in the way, and make a more sustainable fashion school. 95-100% of the materials at any time are donated from the community. 
For more information please contact advisor Kathryn Novak