Green Zone: A Sustainability Community

🌱Fall 2024 new students interested in the GreenZone Community should register for Leah Graham's Flashes 101 course (Section 907) to complete the Living-Learning Experience!♻️

To make progress on sustainability and climate change, both personal commitment and systemic change are needed.  Members of Green Zone: a Sustainability Community will learn and practice how to be more sustainable while forming strong interpersonal relationships with students across many majors. Communication and learning among a variety of disciplines will foster creativity and collaboration in seeking sustainable solutions.  Monthly community experiences include professional development, volunteer opportunities, and hands-on learning opportunities connecting students to on- and off-campus sustainability resources. Students will explore sustainable living, seek tenable solutions advancing campus sustainability, and leave lasting positive impacts.


The Green Zone: a Sustainability Community is located in Dunbar Hall, is designed for first- and multi-year students from many different majors who share an interest in learning more about sustainability: environment (place), equity (people), and economy (prosperity). 

The purpose is for students to explore sustainable living with others interested in sustainability, develop professionally connecting with on- and off-campus sustainability partners, and give back through volunteer opportunities. Custom monthly sustainability themes based on students interests and majors enhance social events.

In this community, students will form tight-knit bonds, use their unique talents and interests to leave a lasting positive impact advancing sustainability solutions.

Learn more about sustainability at Kent State here.


  • Monthly themes with one experiential learning program per month based on students’ interests and majors.
  • Beginning of the year team forming experience.
  • Connect to on- and off-campus sustainability professionals.
  • Students will have the opportunity to pitch ideas to campus decision makers providing real-world sustainability solutions on campus. The cross-disciplinary cohort will be guided to appropriate contacts and given feedback throughout their project proposals.
  • Students will identify, act on, and evaluate their professional and personal actions with the knowledge and appreciation of interconnections among economic, environmental, and social perspectives.
  • Students will be able to apply concepts of sustainable development to address sustainability challenges in a global context.


To join, students new to Kent State housing will select the Green Zone: a Sustainability Community and Dunbar Hall as their first choice on their housing application. Students who have already submitted a residence hall application and wish to change to Green Zone: a Sustainability Community may logon to the housing website to change the information on their application. After submitting their residence hall application indicating your choice to live in the Green Zone: a Sustainability Community students will then receive the Green Zone: a Sustainability Community questionnaire to complete and submit. The Department of University Housing will try its best to accommodate all room requests, but we cannot guarantee that each request will be honored.


Melanie Knowles
Sustainability Manager