Parent/Guardian Approval

Students under the age of 18 at the time of applying for housing will be prevented from completing a housing application until they receive approval from a parent or guardian. After approval is provided, and as long as the application is open, students will be able to complete the housing application by the next business day.

To begin the approval process, students can access our form here:

Parent/ Guardian Approval

Student Steps:
  1. Login to ParentGuardianApproval (
  2. Provide your Parent or Guardian’s email and full name.
  3. Click on the Submit Button. This will send an email to your parent or guardian.
Parent/Guardian Steps:
  1. Check for an email with the subject line: KSU On-Campus Minor Approval Form
  2. Click the unique link provided for you and read over the agreement.
  3. Type "I agree to the statement above" in the text box and click submit.
  4. A success email will be sent to both the Parent/Guardian and student.

Students can then return to to complete their housing application.