Petition for Contract Release

The Petition for Contract Release process is for students currently in a housing contract. If the school year has not started and you want to commute from home, follow the exemption process. The residence hall contract is a legally binding contract. All residence hall contracts are for a full academic year, which includes both fall and spring semesters. While it is uncommon and intrusive, there is a process available for an administrative release from your contract. The process is reserved for those who have a significant and unforeseen change that occurred after the contract period began that prevents you from upholding your contractual obligation.

The contract cannot be terminated solely for the purpose of living off-campus or in order to commute from home. While this process can be done at any time, students should be aware of the housing forfeiture schedule when submitting their petition. The Housing Forfeiture Schedule is outlined in the Residence Hall Contract for Room and Dining Plan. There are no refunds after week four each semester. Please read the Petition for Contract Release Documentation Forms for the type of release applicable to your situation. Documentation is required and must be submitted in full for the release to be considered. Please choose the form specific to your situation and follow the directions within.

Medical Situation

For a medical situation, you must have a signed, detailed explanation from your Medical/Health Provider outlining why the on-campus housing options is no longer feasible. The Medical/Health Provider must explain the circumstance causing this change and why it is necessary to move out of the residence halls during the contract period. Please note we have a variety of room types including single rooms and apartment style options. If a different room type might work for you, please connect with your RHD/AC regarding the possibility of a room change.

Open the Medical Form PDF

Financial Situation

For a financial situation, you must provide documentation to verify a significant, financial change that prevents you from fulfilling the contract. If you are a dependent, the financial change must consider your family unit. The documentation must show a date after the contract period began. Examples of documentation include a parent/guardian’s employment status change or a significant, unexpected medical or home repair expense. Please note financial change verification requires you to verify options for additional student aid by visiting the One Stop for Student Services.

Open the Financial Form PDF

Extenuating Circumstances

For extenuating circumstances, you must have a typed narrative of the reason for your request to be released and documentation that supports the request. Active military duty, deployment, marriage, or child raising responsibilities are examples of extenuating circumstances.

Open the Extenuating Circumstances Form PDF

University Sponsored Activity

Proof of participation in the activity from the college, department or campus organization is required, including participation dates. This category includes studying abroad, student teaching, and internships.

Open the University Sponsored Activity Form PDF

Greek Housing Release

Petition application to live in Greek housing for the Spring semester. Must meet the requirements by the Center for Student Involvement for approval. See the below link for more information. Deadline is December 1.

Greek housing release application