Petition for Contract Release

Below you will find information pertaining to the process to be released from your residence hall contract. The residence hall contract you signed and are currently entered into is a legally binding contract. All residence hall contracts are for a full academic year, which includes both fall and spring semesters. However, we do allow for an administrative release from your contract in extreme circumstances. To be eligible for an administrative release, there must have been an unforeseen and significant change in your life since your contract began that prevents you from upholding your obligation under the contract.

Please choose the proper Petition for Contract Release form from the options below. The information contained in the each form is specific to the reason behind your petition.

Medical Situation

A signed, detailed explanation from your physician detailing why you would be negatively impacted by continuing to live on campus. The physician must explicitly write that he/she recommends that you move out of the residence halls and why.

Open the Medical Form PDF

Financial Situation

Any financial record that shows the significant change in financial status that prevents you from fulfilling the contract. This includes pay stubs, bank statements, layoff notices, etc. A Financial Comparison Sheet as well as a Student Financial Aid worksheet is required as well.

Open the Financial Form PDF

Extenuating Circumstances

You must attach a typed narrative of the reason for your request to be released and any documentation that supports this request. Active military call-up, marriage, or child-raising responsibilities are examples of extenuating circumstances.

Open the Extenuating Circumstances Form PDF

University Sponsored Activity

Proof of participation in the activity from the college, department or campus organization is required, including participation dates. This category includes studying abroad, student teaching, and internships.

Open the University Sponsored Activity Form PDF

Greek Housing Release

Petition application to live in Greek housing for the Spring semester. Must meet the requirements by the Center for Student Involvement for approval. See the below link for more information. Deadline is December 1.

Greek housing release application

Please refer to the attached guidelines for more detailed information on required documentation.

When complete, submit all materials to the Department of Residence Services’ Accounting Office (0133) in Korb Hall. The Department of Residence Services will then make a decision on your request for a contract release as soon as possible. Please note that approval is NOT guaranteed. The decision will be sent to your Kent FlashLine email account.

If you have any further questions, please contact your Residence Hall Director or the Accounting Office at 330-672-7021.


Daniel Shonk
Associate Director, Assignments
Department of Residence Services 

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