Winter Break Check Out | Housing | Kent State University

Winter Break Check Out

Not returning for the Spring semester, preparing for check-out or preparing for a room change?

The following procedures will help guide you through the process and ensure your student account is accurate:

Room Check-Out

Schedule Appointment

You must officially checkout of your room. To do so you will need to schedule an appointment with an RA. If your RA is not available, please contact your Residence Hall Director or Area Desk for information on how to contact an RA who can assist you.   

Avoid Extra Charges

We want to complete the Room Condition Report (RCR) in your presence to avoid any misunderstanding about damages and charges and to have you sign/date the RCR. Failure to sign/date the RCR with a Residence Services staff member will result in an improper check-out charge of $25.00 being assessed to your Bursar account. Following the closing of the halls, an Official Damage Inspection of all rooms will be assessed by the Residence Hall Director. Any damage previously undetected by the RA, found during the Official Damage Inspection, will be charged to ALL room occupants residing in the room at the time of closing.

Room Cleaning

Before you contact your RA to check-out, please remove all personal items and clean your room. This includes:

  • Removal of any “Stars/tape”, etc. from ceiling, windows, and walls to avoid charges.
  • Empty closets and drawers. Check upper sections of the closet and behind bottom drawers of dresser for items.
  • Remove wall hangings.
  • Room automation items (window sensor, power strip, and others) should be left in the room.
  • Remove any carpet & carpet tape you may have brought in carefully to avoid damage to floor tile.
  • Sweep the floor (not into the hallway) and place debris in the trash.
  • Clean, defrost, and unplug your micro-fridge (unless you have a roommate who is staying). Check for ice trays and micro-fridge turntable. Leave appliance doors OPEN.
  • Close and lock windows and close draperies/blinds/shades.
  • Empty trash cans/recycle bins and dispose of all trash in appropriate containers (recycle).

Bed Lofts

If you are not returning for the Spring Semester, all personally built lofts must be disassembled by 8:00 PM, Friday, December 7th, so as not to cause a disruption during 24 hour quiet hours of finals week. If you have a rental loft from, these units will be picked up the week of December 21st.

Rental Micro-Fridges

Residents of Leebrick who are not returning for the Spring Semester: The Bedloft micro-fridge rental vendor will pick-up your rented micro-fridge the week of December 17th. Please empty, clean, defrost, and unplug your micro-fridge before the last resident leaves your room. Leave micro-fridge door open.

Personal Items

Failure to remove all personal furniture (chairs, couches, desk, bricks, lumber, carpet, unwanted personal items) can result in a $50.00 minimum fine per item left in and around the residence halls. Discarded personal furniture must be placed beside the open top dumpster outside of your building to avoid being billed.

University Property

All university property other than the equipment and furniture assigned to each room is to be returned to its original location. In addition, all furniture assigned to each room must be accounted for in that room.

  • All beds that have been disassembled must be properly reassembled before you leave to avoid being charged. All bunked beds must use 4 bed pins. Remaining pins are to be placed in the top desk drawer for next year.
  • Window screens must be in place.
  • Keys must be returned to the Area Desk when you officially check-out of your room. The cost of key-card replacement is $25.00 per key-card.

Disposal of Trash and Unwanted Belongings

Please properly dispose of all items you do not wish to pack and take home.

  • Garbage bags are available at the Area Desks to assist with removal of trash. 
  • Outside of each hall white dumpsters are used for general mixed recycling only.
  • The large green dumpsters are for cardboard only.