Lofting Furniture

Building Loft Furniture Instructions

Loftable furniture is available in every residence hall! Move-in is a busy time! For this reason, we are not able to assist students with lofting, but we have the videos below to help students and families with lofting. 

Please note: the manufacturer of the furniture does not support what is commonly called ‘half-lofting’ of the style of furniture provided. Therefore, we are unable to provide demonstrations or support for ‘half-lofting’ of residence hall room furniture.

Instructions for arranging room furniture into a loft or bunk configuration, within manufacturer specifications, are available below:

Olson, Lake, Stopher, Johnson, Prentice, Dunbar, Verder, Centennials, Manchester, and Fletcher Halls Lofting Instructions



Koonce and Wright Hall Lofting Instructions



Allyn, Clark, and Korb Hall Lofting Instructions