Winter Break Room Changes

Information for the 2023 Winter Break Room Change Process

Thank you for your interest in completing a winter break room change! Please use the form below to express your interest in this process. This form will remain open until Sunday, December 10 at 5pm.

After completing this form, you may be contacted during finals week (or potentially before), to complete a room change before departing for the semester. This would occur if space is available early and if you are able to complete a room change before the end of finals week.

Otherwise, your Residence Hall Director or Interim Area Coordinator will contact you on Tuesday, December 19 to see if you are interested in moving into any of our available spaces on December 20-21 (Wednesday and Thursday). Completing this interest form does not mean that the space you desire will be available.

Winter break room changes will be limited to the availability of vacant rooms as of December 19. If a previous resident has not properly checked out or is waiting to complete a winter break room change of their own, some spaces may not be available for a winter break room change. University Housing is not anticipating many single rooms/single bedrooms within a suite to be available.

Once we contact you, if you are interested in any available rooms and we initiate a room change, you will need to schedule a time between 8am-3pm on December 20 or 21 to complete the process, and you will be given a 2-hour window to move. Our staff will provide you with specific instructions on how to complete your winter break room change.

By completing this form indicating your interest in a winter break room change, you will not be billed the nightly $25 winter break rate until the night of December 20, should you need to stay past the time our winter break room change period ends and should you not be able to move during finals week or before. However, you will need to submit a winter break housing application.

Should you not be interested in any available options at the end of the semester or should you not be able to complete a winter break room change, we may have additional space available during the spring semester. Beginning at the start of the 3rd week of the spring semester, please check with your Residence Hall Director, Interim Area Coordinator, or Assistant Residence Hall Director to inquire about a spring semester room change.

You can access the Fall 2023 Winter Break Room Change Interest form here.