Spring Semester Closing

The residence halls close for the spring semester at 5:00pm on Saturday, May 14th, 2022. Students must complete an online checkout via the link provided to the student via email. This online checkout process will begin on May 2nd.

If you need summer housing, please review the Summer Housing page for more information

Before you check out, please remove all personal items and clean your room. This includes:

  • Remove all belongings from your room. We encourage residents to recycle or donate unwanted items as appropriate. Any item left will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of after 30 days. 
  • Clean your room. Wipe hard surfaces, remove all trash, vacuum floors. 
  • Leave the closet, dresser, and desk drawers open. Double check all drawers before leaving campus for forgotten items!
  • Clean, defrost, and unplug your microfridge. Leave the microwave door open.
  • Remove any stars/tape from the ceiling and walls and any tape/paint from windows. Remove wall hangings.
  • Remember to take home your bicycle if you brought one to campus.
  • Clean off the white board in the hallway by your door.
  • Close and lock your windows, and close your drapes/blinds.
  • Return all university property to its original location. 
  • Return your beds to appropriate configuration

Throw-N-Go bins will be located in select halls across campus for students to donate unwanted items. Items that will be accepted as donations will include appliances, futons, chairs, carpets/rugs, bikes, clothing, school supplies, and non-perishable food. These items will benefit people in need through Portage County Family and Community Services.
Any items left behind will be held for 30 days after move out and may be subject to an abandoned property charge.