Renovated Bathrooms

Private Bathrooms

Centennial Courts B, D, E, F, Johnson Hall, and Stopher Hall rooms have private bathrooms. In each of these buildings, the bathroom is attached to the student’s room and is only shared by the roommates assigned to the room. These bathrooms are cleaned once a week by housekeeping staff.

Suite Style Semi-Private Bathrooms

Centennial Court A and Twin Towers (Beall and McDowell Halls) rooms have suite style semi-private bathrooms attached to student rooms. In these buildings, two neighboring rooms are connected by a shared bathroom with up to four students sharing a bathroom. Beall Hall and McDowell Hall bathrooms were renovated during summers 2009 and 2010 respectively. These bathrooms are cleaned once a week by housekeeping staff.

Renovated "Pod-Style" Bathrooms

Allyn, Clark, Dunbar, Fletcher, Koonce, Lake, Manchester, Olson, Prentice, Van Campen, Verder, and Wright Halls have been renovated with updated bathroom configurations. In these buildings the community restroom includes between six and ten individual bathroom pods. The individual pods contain a sink, shower, toilet and lockable door. These bathrooms are cleaned daily by housekeeping staff.

Leebrick and Korb halls have renovated pod-style bathrooms. In Leebrick and Korb, the bathrooms are individual units located directly off the hallway. There are eight bathroom units per floor and they are cleaned daily by housekeeping staff.

Dunbar Eastway Koonce and Wright Korb
Leebrick Olson and Lake Prentice Verder
Van Campen