Mail and Package Delivery


University Mail Services teamed up with University Housing to provide this guide about successfully sending and receiving mail for students at the Kent Campus.

New for Fall 2021 - Eastway to become a central mail and package distribution center

Beginning August 16, all mail and packages will be distributed centrally in Eastway instead of your local area desk. The Eastway distribution center is located on the lower level of the Eastway Center, right next to the convenience store.

The Eastway central distribution center open Monday, August 16th. The distribution center is outfitted with lockers and students are to pick up their packages 24/7.  Oversized/overflow packages and mail can be picked up in the Eastway distribution center between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. We have also placed Amazon lockers in the Eastway distribution center for Amazon orders.

To ensure timely delivery of mail and packages students should use their full name, residence hall address, and the Eastway address, for all mail and package deliveries, see example below:


Information Needed Example
Full Name Nabria Olsen
Residence Hall Address (Room, Hall) 145, Centennial Court F
Eastway Address 1375 Eastway Drive
City, State Zip Kent, Ohio 44243

Preferred Name Process

Creating and embracing an inclusive environment is important to the mission of Kent State University.  We recognize that some students use a name other than their legal name to identify themselves. As such, Kent State University has established a process for students to request a preferred name. When processing lettered mail and packages, the area desk staff will look for both the legal first name and preferred name registered with the University. If mail comes to a name other than one of these (such as a nick name or addressed to a student’s parent’s name), the letter or package would likely be returned to sender.


Mail Services is located on the ground floor of the Administrative Services Building at 1500 Loop Rd. and is a university run and funded department. Mail Services is where mail and packages from the United States Postal Services (USPS) are processed, sorted and sent out for delivery to the residence halls and university offices. 

Phone: 330-672-2164. 

The Post Office in the Kent Student Center is located on the main floor and is a contract unit of the USPS. No mail is delivered to or distributed from this location. However, for the convenience of the university community, stamps, envelopes, shipping material and package services are offered at the counter. The Kent Student Center Post Office accepts cash or check.

Kent Student Center Post Office hours are 10:00am - 6pm, Monday through Friday. The Post Office is closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.

Phone: 330-672-8189.


44240 is the ZIP code for Kent residents that live off-campus.

44242 is the ZIP code for buildings on the Kent State University campus that are not residence halls.

44243 is the ZIP code for residence halls on the Kent State university campus.

Make sure your mail arrives quickly by following these suggestions:

When tracking a USPS package, an online status that indicates the package is in Kent does not necessarily mean that it has been received, processed, sorted and delivered to the student’s area desk. We attempt to make delivery the same day as the package is received from the Post Office, but on occasion the process cannot be completed until the next working day.

USPS Express package delivery dates and times will vary depending on postal and Mail Services’ delivery schedules. An overnight Express package mailed late Thursday may not be delivered to the student until the next Monday (or Tuesday if a Monday is an observed holiday).

Delays in delivery can occur if the name or address is incorrect or incomplete.

Students should receive notification of lettered mail and packages through their Kent email address from on the day of delivery.

Packages will be held for 10 days before being returned. A second notification will be emailed to the student if the package has not been picked up within 48 hours.

Mail Services or University Housing cannot be responsible for breakage of fragile objects, delays in delivery by the USPS, illegal or unlawful contents or freshness of perishable material. 

Packages containing alcohol or shipped in an alcohol package will be refused by the area desk staff.

In the case where a student receives a Postage Due slip, the student must go to the Kent Post Office at 626 Franklin Avenue to pay the postage due before the item will be released.