Mandatory Housing Policy Exemption Forms

Kent State University requires all students taking 9 or more credit hours to live on campus unless the student is 20 years old or older, has 60+ earned credit hours, or has an approved exemption.

See below for some of the reasons you could apply for an exemption to the mandatory housing policy. Please note this is just an application for an exemption and NOT a guarantee of approval. Falsification of information on these forms will result in being denied and possibly referred to disciplinary action.

Any paper forms can be turned in the following ways:

-In Person at Korb Hall

-By Mail:

Kent State University
University Housing
PO Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242

-By Fax: 330-672-2579


Commute from Parent/Guardian Residence within 50 miles

  • 18 or over

Online Form

  • 17 or younger

Please allow two weeks for a decision.

Commuter Form Fall 2021/ Spring 2022

  • Zip Codes Within 50 Miles

Zip Code List Within 50 Miles


Please allow two weeks for a decision.

Exemption Form Fall 2021/ Spring 2022

Fraternity/Sorority Housing

The deadline for this form is May 1, 2021

Fraternity/Sorority Exemption Form Fall 2021/Spring 2022