Mandatory Housing Policy Exemption Forms

Kent State University requires all students taking 9 or more credit hours to live on campus unless the student is 20 years old or older, has 60+ earned credit hours, or has an approved exemption.

An exemption is only for a future academic year/contract period. If you are looking to terminate a current housing contract, please refer to the Petition for Contract Release page (


See below for some of the reasons you could apply for an exemption to the mandatory housing policy. Please note this is just an application for an exemption and NOT a guarantee of approval. Falsification of information on these forms will result in being denied and possibly referred to disciplinary action.


Any paper forms can be turned in the following ways:

-In Person at Korb Hall

-By Mail:

Kent State University
Residence Services
PO Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242

-By Fax: 330-672-2579



Commute from Parent/Guardian Residence within 50 miles

  • 18 or over

Online Form

  • 17 or younger

Please allow two weeks for a decision.

Commuter Form Fall 2020/ Spring 2021

  • Zip Codes Within 50 Miles

Zip Code List Within 50 Miles


Please allow two weeks for a decision.

Exemption Form Fall 2020/ Spring 2021

Fraternity/Sorority Housing

The deadline for this form is May 1, 2020

Fraternity/Sorority Exemption Form Fall 2020/Spring 2021