Summer Housing

Summer housing is available to all Kent State students who will be taking summer classes and/or who are enrolled for fall classes. Summer housing for 2024 will be located in Leebrick Hall. All summer housing rooms will be single rooms.

 Rates include:

  • Single Room: $200 per week

Summer housing is contracted on a weekly basis, starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday each week. You may add or remove weeks from your summer housing application at any point by contacting us no later than Friday at 12 PM before each summer week begins. Students who reside on campus during the spring semester will be able to move directly into their summer housing assignment if they are contracted for the first week of summer housing. All residence hall policies will remain in effect throughout the summer.

Summer housing will end on Saturday, August 3rd. Students who have signed up to live on campus during the upcoming acadmic year will be able to move into their fall room at this time or as soon as their fall room is ready. Students who are not living on campus during the fall semester will need to move out of on-campus housing by or on Saturday, August 3rd.

Due to the nature of operations on campus during the summer, some interruptions in services may occur. 

If you have questions related to summer housing, please contact Ashley Andrews,  Assignments Coordinator,

To complete the Summer 2024 Housing Application, you will need to be logged into your Kent State Google Account. One way to make sure that you are logged into your Kent State Google Account is to open the Summer Housing Page in an Incognito or Private Window in your internet browser. When you click on the Summer Housing Application, it will bring you to a log-in page to sign into your Kent State credentials. (Or you can log-in to your Google Account at to ensure you’re logged in to your Kent State Account.)

The Summer 2024 Housing Application will be available April 1st, 2024.

Summer 2024 Housing Application

Summer 2024 Housing Contract

Parental Approval Form