Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to live on campus?
What items should I bring with me to campus?
Can I request my friend to be my roommate?
Do you have any triple rooms?
How do I know if I'm required to live in the residence halls?
I am interested in a single room. How do I know if I'm eligible?
I am interested in changing my room assignment. How can I make a change?
I would like to have a refrigerator/freezer/microwave unit in my room. How do I know if one is provided? If not, how may I rent one?
Where will my mail be delivered?
What is my mailing address?
I am an incoming freshman who will be living in the residence halls. Am I allowed to bring my car to campus?
Where am I able to use my food plan and how do I purchase food with my plan?
Where can I find more information and/or apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA)?
What size are the beds in the residence halls?
I'm interested in bringing carpet for my residence hall room, what size of carpet should I plan to bring?
Can I loft the furniture in my room? What halls do I need to rent or provide my own loft in?
What are the opening hours of the Eastway central distribution center?
How will I know my package has arrived in a locker?