Meal Plan F.A.Q.

The following frequently asked questions are based on questions we have been receiving. If you have any additional questions, please call University Dining Services at (330) 672-2541 or email us at


A. Per University Policy, first year and sophomore resident students are required to have a meal plan for the entire school year. First year and sophomore resident students are able to pick from The Gold, The Kent or The Blue Meal Plan. Resident Students will select a meal plan through Flashline or the Student Checklist. 

Upperclass resident and commuter students are not required to purchase a meal plan, but are welcome to do so through Flashline. For more information on which meal plan you are eligible for, please visit our Meal Plan page.


Q. What are the benefits of having a meal plan?

A. Meal plans are a great way for students to save while dining on campus! The newly renovated all-you-care-to-eat dining halls and retail locations provide convenience, flexibility and healthy options from early morning to late night. All Dining locations provide a space for students to sit and enjoy a snack or meal, as well as options for students on the go. 

University Dining Services also has two Registered Dietitians that can work with and accommodate students with dietary restrictions due to food allergies and intolerances. Set up a meeting at any point to learn about dining options that fit your needs! 


Q. Can I use my meal Plan at off-campus locations?

A. Meal plans are only able to be used on-campus at the University Dining Services locations. However, there are a number of off-campus locations that will accept FLASHcash. For more information on FLASHcash please call the FLASHcard Office at 330-672-2273.

Learn more about the FLASHcard


Q. Where will I be able to use my meal swipes? 

A. You will be able to use meal swipes at Eastway Fresh Food Company, & the Design Innovation Dining Hall. You can also use a meal swipe in the Meal Exchange program at Rosie's Diner, Eastway Market, and George T. Simon III Cafe.


Q. How does meal exchange work?

A. Using your FLASHcard, you will be able to exchange a meal swipe for a combo meal at Rosie’s Diner, Eastway Market,  or George T. Simon III Cafe. Meal exchange will be available at Rosie’s Diner and for all service hours at Eastway Market, and George T. Simon III Cafe. You can use up to 1 meal swipe per meal period (breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night, overnight). Visit our Meal Exchange page for more information and meal period hours. 


Q. Where will I be able to use my Declining Balance Dollars?

A. You will be able to use your declining balance at any dining location on campus. That includes locations such as the Markets, Starbucks & The HUB. You are also able to use your declining balance to pay the door rate to enter into the three all-you-care-to-eat dining halls: Eastway Fresh Food Company, & Design Innovation Dining Hall. 


Q. Where can I find my rollover Declining Balance?

A. Login to find your Rollover Balance and Transaction History.


Q. can I add money to my meal plan if my Declining balance starts to run low? 

A. Yes, you are able to add value to your account at any time. You can add declining balance dollars to your FLASHcard through the FLASHcard website with a Mastercard, Visa or Discover.  You can also purchase another meal plan within the same semester. To sign up for another meal plan, please visit the FLASHcard Office located on the first floor of the Kent Student Center or call 330-672-2273. 


Q. i would like more declining balance than The flex plan offers. what can i do?

A. If you are an Upperclass Resident or Commuter Student looking to purchase the Flex Plan, you are welcome to add declining balance dollars to your account at any time. In addition, if you are running low on declining balance dollars you can add another Flex Plan to your account by signing up through your Student Dashboard in FlashLine or by calling the FLASHcard Office at 330-672-2273.


Q. How do i sign up for a meal plan?

A. If you are a First Year or Sophomore Resident student, you will select a meal plan through Flashline or the Student Checklist. If you are an Upperclass or Commuter student, you can purchase a meal plan through your Student Dashboard in FlashLine. You can also contact the FLASHcard Office at 330-672-2273. If you are a faculty or staff member, you can now sign up for a meal plan using payroll deduction. Sign up in Flashline, under additional employee resources. Select employee meal plan, fill out the form and you're ready to go!


Q. Am I able to change my meal plan after I HAVE SELECTED one?

A. If you decide to purchase a meal plan and wish to change your selection, you may do so by visiting your Student Dashboard in Flashline or by contacting the Flashcard Office. Students are not able to change their meal plan after the 2nd week of the semester.

  1. A cancellation will be approved and a full refund will be processed if a student requests to cancel a meal plan by the Add/Drop period and there has been no usage of any part of the meal plan. 
  2. A cancellation will be approved and a full refund will be processed if a student requests to cancel a meal plan after the Add/Drop period, but within 2 business days of the purchase.  


Q. Can I change my meal plan from semester to semester? 

A. Yes, students are able to switch meal plans from semester to semester. The meal plan options available to a student will depend on the student's class standing before the start of the school year. 


Q. What happens to my meal swipes, guest meals and declining balance dollars at the end of the semester? 

A. At the end of each semester, any unused meal swipes and guest meals will expire. Any unused declining balance dollars will rollover to the next semester.


Q. What if I have more questions about meal plans?

A. If you have any other questions about meal plans, you can contact University Dining Services by calling (330) 672-2541 or by emailing


Q. What if i need to request to not have a meal plan?

A. If you are required to be on a meal plan and want to request a food contract release, you will need to contact Charles Berry ( and fill out a food contract release form.

  1. If the request for canceling the meal plan is by the end of the Add/Drop period and there has been no usage of any part of the meal plan, the cancellation will be approved and a full refund processed.
  2. If the request occurs after the add/drop period and within 2 business days of the purchase, the cancellation will be approved and a full refund processed.

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