Kent State University Dining Services community focus doesn't stop with great food, inviting atmospheres and bringing people together to build community; UDS strives to look at the bigger picture of the global impact this program has on the planet. UDS is committed to advancing sustainable initiatives that reduce the carbon footprint and empower the campus to "eat green.


Responsible Sourcing

UDS purchases local, seasonal and responsibly raised, grown and sourced products whenever possible. UDS firmly believes responsible sourcing has a direct impact on local and global economies, health and wellness and the environment. With every purchase, UDS engages suppliers and partners in an effort to source environmentally and socially responsible products. 

Waste Minimization

UDS minimizes waste by reducing, reusing and recycling. UDS minimizes the carbon footprint through waste reduction efforts. Across operations, UDS establishes practices from initial purchase to final waste disposal that decrease the overall cost of waste both environmentally and financially.

Learn more about the Reusable To-Go Program


New Fall 2020: Grind2Energy in DI HUB

Kent State has partnered with InSinkErator® through the implementation of Grind2Energy®, an organics recovery process that converts food waste to renewable energy. This forward-thinking approach allows us to significantly decrease our impact on the environment while creating renewable energy for the communities we serve. 

According to Grind2Energy, food waste from the DI HUB is ground on-site using a customized, industrial-strength foodservice grinder. Food waste is converted into energy-rich slurry and transported to an anaerobic digestion facility where methane is extracted for energy production. The remaining biosolids become nutrient-rich fertilizer. For more information on this process, visit Grild2Energy’s website.

Efficient Operations

UDS implements practices to conserve natural resources and ensure operational efficiencies. Fueled by the understanding that day-to-day actions have an impact, UDS works closely with the clients to conserve energy and water.

Transportation Management

UDS ensures our transportation programs reduce fuel usage and emissions. Transportation provides a vital circulation system that enables delivery of the highest quality product and service. With the vehicle fleet of thousands, it’s essential to minimize use of fossil fuels and generation of emissions.