Your FLASHcard serves as your key and is needed to access Kent State University’s residence halls.

If you are locked out, you can use the CBORD Mobile ID smartphone app to get a one-time PIN code. Instructions are available here. You can also check out a temporary key at your area desk.

Please note: You will be held responsible for activity using your login and password with Mobile ID. It is against university policy to share university passwords. For more information and tips on how to keep your account secure, please see

If you believe your phone is lost or stolen, please see below for how to deactivate Mobile ID from your old phone. You can only have one phone authorized to your Flashline ID. You will need to deactivate Mobile ID from your old phone to use it on a new phone.

Below are common questions regarding the locks and FLASHcard:


How do I use my card to enter my room?

Swipe your card on your door. The lock will flash green and then you can pull down the handle to enter.

Alternatively, if you have a contactless or smartcard, please hold up your card parallel to the black reader below the keypad. The lock will flash green and then you can pull down the handle to enter.

What if I’m locked out?

Check out a temporary key at the area desk.

You can also use the CBORD Mobile ID smartphone app to gain a one-time PIN code to open your room door. Please see here for information on how to install Mobile ID on your phone.

What if I lose my FLASHcard?

There are some simple steps to get your card replaced or reported lost (if the FLASHcard office isn’t open) that you should follow.

During normal business hours (when the FLASHcard office is open)

If you lose your card during when the FLASHcard office is open (typical business hours), just visit the FLASHcard office to get a replacement. Please note there is a fee for replacement. Please see the FLASHcard website for more information and hours (

Approximately two hours after getting a replacement card, swipe your new card on your room lock. It will deny you since it doesn’t know the new card info yet, but it will connect and download the latest information. After about 30 seconds (and up to a minute) after the initial denial, your new card will work as normal.

After hours/Weekend (when the FLASHcard office is not open)
  • 1. Go to on a computer or a mobile device and login using your FLASHLine ID and password.

  • 2. Click “Report Lost Card”.

    report lost card
  • 3. Confirm your card is lost is by selecting “Yes”.

  • 4. Check out a temporary keycard from your area desk/community center. You can use this to access your hall and room until you can get your card replaced. Please note, you need to have your FLASHcard replaced soon as the temporary key is due by 5pm the next business day after you check it out.

  • 5. Approximately two hours after you reported your card lost on the website, type in #323232 on the lock. The light will flash green quickly then red. The lock will connect and download the update that your old card is no longer active. This will prevent your old card from working on your room.

  • 6. Get your FLASHcard replaced when the FLASHcard office reopens. For more information see above. Please complete this within one business day by 5pm or you will be charged for the temporary key.

How do room changes work with my FLASHcard?

After your room change is approved, please go to the area desk for your new room and sign out a temporary key. Approximately one day after you sign out a temporary key, your FLASHcard will work on your new room door. Please complete your room change quickly to avoid any fees. Please see the area desk if you have any questions.

What do I do if my phone is lost, stolen, or I get a new phone?

If you had Mobile ID set up on your old phone, follow the below instructions immediately so that Mobile ID on your old phone no longer works:

    1. Go to

    2. Log in with your Flashline ID and password

    3. Select “Report Lost Phone”

    4. Select Yes to confirm that you want to report your phone as lost.

    5. Log in and authorize yourself on your new phone. Instructions are available here.

What if I need help using Mobile ID?

Please see the installation guide to make sure you installed it properly:

Please also visit the troubleshooting guide available at:

If you are still having issues, please visit your area desk or the FLASHcard office.