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We’ve begun converting our residence hall locks over to a new system. This new system allows students and staff to use their FLASHcard for access. The FLASHcard can currently be used for access is the Centennial Courts and in New Front (Dunbar, Prentice, Verder, and Engleman Halls). Below are some common questions about the new system.


How do I use my card?

Swipe your card on your door. The lock will flash green and then you can pull down the handle to enter. If you have a smartcard, press your card flat against the black part of the lock. The lock will then flash green, allowing you to enter.

What if I’m locked out?

Check out a temporary key at the area desk.

What if I lose my FLASHcard?

There are some simple steps to get your card replaced or reported lost (if the FLASHcard office isn’t open) that you should follow.

During normal business hours (when the FLASHcard office is open)

If you lose your card during when the FLASHcard office is open (typical business hours), just visit the FLASHcard office to get a replacement. Please note there is a fee for replacement. Please see the FLASHcard website for more information and hours (

Approximately an hour after getting a replacement card, swipe your new card on your room lock. It will deny you since it doesn’t know the new card info yet, but it will connect and download the latest information. After about 30 seconds (and up to a minute) after the initial denial, your new card will work as normal.

After hours/Weekend (when the FLASHcard office is not open)
  • 1. Go to on a computer or a mobile device and login using your FLASHLine ID and password.

  • 2. Click “Report Lost Card”.

  • 3. Confirm your card is lost is by selecting “Yes”.

  • 4. Check out a temporary keycard from your area desk/community center. You can use this to access your hall and room until you can get your card replaced. Please note, you need to have your FLASHcard replaced soon as the temporary key is due by 5pm the next business day after you check it out.

  • 5. Approximately one hour after you reported your card lost on the website, type in #323232 on the lock. The light will flash green quickly then red. The lock will connect and download the update that your old card is no longer active. This will prevent your old card from working on your room.

  • 6. Get your FLASHcard replaced when the FLASHcard office reopens. For more information see above. Please complete this within one business day by 5pm or you will be charged for the temporary key.

How do room changes work with my FLASHcard?

If you are changing rooms into a room with a new lock, your FLASHcard will work on your new lock. After an hour after the room change is approved, use your card on the new room lock, it will deny you and then sync. After 20 seconds or so, try again and your card should work on the new lock. Still having issues? Get a temporary key for the new room at your area desk.
If you are changing rooms into a room with an older style lock, check out a temporary key for the new room at the area desk. You will receive a new room key for the new room and your FLASHcard will stop working on your old room once the room change is completed.

When will the locks in my hall be replaced?

For Fall 2017, the locks in the Centennial Court and New Front areas have been replaced. We will replace more buildings every summer with an estimated completion date of August 2019. At this time, the list of buildings being replaced next summer is not yet finalized.