Seasonal Break Housing

Spring Semester Closing

The residence halls close for the spring semester at 5:00pm on Saturday, May 14th, 2022. Students must complete an online checkout via the link provided to the student via email. This online checkout process will begin on May 2nd.

If you need summer housing, please review the Summer Housing page for more information

Before you check out, please remove all personal items and clean your room. This includes:

  • Remove all belongings from your room. We encourage residents to recycle or donate unwanted items as appropriate. Any item left will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of after 30 days. 
  • Clean your room. Wipe hard surfaces, remove all trash, vacuum floors. 
  • Leave the closet, dresser, and desk drawers open. Double check all drawers before leaving campus for forgotten items!
  • Clean, defrost, and unplug your microfridge. Leave the microwave door open.
  • Remove any stars/tape from the ceiling and walls and any tape/paint from windows. Remove wall hangings.
  • Remember to take home your bicycle if you brought one to campus.
  • Clean off the white board in the hallway by your door.
  • Close and lock your windows, and close your drapes/blinds.
  • Return all university property to its original location. 
  • Return your beds to appropriate configuration

Throw-N-Go bins will be located in select halls across campus for students to donate unwanted items. Items that will be accepted as donations will include appliances, futons, chairs, carpets/rugs, bikes, clothing, school supplies, and non-perishable food. These items will benefit people in need through Portage County Family and Community Services.
Any items left behind will be held for 30 days after move out and may be subject to an abandoned property charge.

Spring Break Housing

University Housing offers housing through spring break as part of the residence hall contract. No special application or registration is required.


Summer Housing

Summer housing is available to all Kent State students who will be taking summer classes and/or who are enrolled for fall classes. Summer housing for 2022 will be located in Leebrick Hall. All summer housing rooms will be single rooms. Currently, rooms in Leebrick Hall do not have individual micro-fridge units.

 Rates include:

  • Single Room: $175 per week
  • Deluxe Single Room: $225 per week (very limited availability)

Summer housing is contracted on a weekly basis, starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday each week. You may add or remove weeks from your summer housing application at any point by contacting us no later than Friday at 12 PM before each summer week begins. Students who reside on campus during the spring semester will be able to move directly into their summer housing assignment if they are contracted for the first week of summer housing. All residence hall policies will remain in effect throughout the summer.

Due to the nature of operations on campus during the summer, some interruptions in services may occur. 

If you have questions related to summer housing, please contact Nick DiAntonio, Assignments Coordinator,


To complete the Summer 2022 Housing Application, you will need to be logged into your Kent State Google Account. One way to make sure that you are logged into your Kent State Google Account is to open the Summer Housing Page in an Incognito or Private Window in your internet browser. When you click on the Summer Housing Application, it will bring you to a log-in page to sign into your Kent State credentials. (Or you can log-in to your Google Account at to ensure you’re logged in to your Kent State Account.)


Summer 2022 Housing Application

Summer 2022 Housing Contract

Parental Approval Form

Winter Break Check Out

If you are not returning to the residence halls for the spring semester, the following procedures will help guide you through the process and ensure your student account is accurate.


You are likely aware that your contract with University Housing is for the entire academic year. Reasons for checking out include:

  • Withdrawal from Kent State University. Please note, in order to check out, your hall director/area coordinator will need to see a schedule with zero scheduled hours at Kent State University for the spring semester.
  • Transfer to another university. Please note, in order to check out, your hall director/area coordinator will need to see a schedule with zero scheduled hours at Kent State University for the spring semester.
  • Transfer to a regional campus. You will need to complete a Petition for Contract Release as soon as possible, which should be approved as long as all of your hours for the spring semester are scheduled at a regional campus. Complete a Petition for Contract Release here. Your hall director will need to see an approved contract release in order for you to be able to check out.
  • You have been granted a contract release. Please note, if you have not yet submitted a contract release petition, you may learn more here. Your hall director/area coordinator will need to see an approved contract release in order for you to be able to check out.
  • You are graduating at the end of this semester. Please note, the Graduation office will share a list of all fall graduates with us.
  • You plan to study abroad in the spring. Please note, you will need to complete a Petition for Contract Release, and show your hall director/area coordinator an approved contract release in order to be able to check out.


You must officially check out of your room. To do so, you will need to schedule an appointment with an RA. If your RA is not available, please contact your Residence Hall Director/Area Coordinator or Area Desk for information on how to contact an RA who can assist you.


We want to complete the final room inspection/Room Condition Report (RCR) in your presence to avoid any misunderstanding about damages and charges. Failure to checkout with a University Housing staff member will result in an improper check-out charge of $25.00 being assessed to your Bursar account. Following the closing of the halls, an Official Damage Inspection of all rooms will be assessed by the Residence Hall Director/Area Coordinator. Any damage previously undetected by the RA, found during the Official Damage Inspection, will be charged to ALL room occupants residing in the room at the time of closing.

Before you contact your RA to check out, please remove all personal items and clean your room. This includes:

  • Removal of any “Stars/tape”, etc. from ceiling, windows, and walls.
  • Empty closets and drawers. Check upper sections of the closet and behind bottom drawers of dresser for items.
  • Remove wall hangings.
  • Remove any carpet and carpet tape you may have brought in carefully to avoid damage to floor tile.
  • Sweep the floor (not into the hallway) and place debris in the trash.
  • Clean, defrost, and unplug your micro-fridge (unless you have a roommate who is staying). Check for ice trays and micro-fridge turntable. Leave appliance doors OPEN.
  • Close and lock windows and close draperies/blinds/shades.
  • Empty trash cans/recycle bins and dispose of all trash in appropriate containers.
  • Failure to remove all personal furniture (chairs, couches, desk, bricks, lumber, carpet, unwanted personal items) can result in a $50.00 minimum fine per item left in and around the residence halls. Discarded personal furniture must be placed beside the open top dumpster outside of your building to avoid being billed.


  • All university property other than the equipment and furniture assigned to each room is to be returned to its original location. In addition, all furniture assigned to each room must be accounted for in each room.
  • All beds that have been disassembled must be properly reassembled before you leave to avoid being charged. All bunked beds must use 4 bed pins. Remaining pins are to be placed in the top desk drawer for next year.
  • Window screens must be in place.


  • If you are not returning for the spring semester, all personally built lofts must be disassembled by 8:00 PM the Friday before finals week, so as not to cause a disruption during 24 hour quiet hours of finals week.


Please properly dispose of all items you do not wish to take home. Garbage bags are available in the trash rooms if one is needed to assist with removal of trash. Outside of each hall, white dumpsters are used for general mixed recycling only. The large green dumpsters are for cardboard only.

Winter Break Room Changes

Winter break room changes for students who live on campus during the fall 2021 semester will not be available.

If a current resident wishes to move to a new room for the spring semester, they would need to move to a new room prior to Friday, December 10th, if rooms are available. They would need to meet with their hall’s Area Coordinator, Residence Hall Director, or Graduate Assistant to discuss their room change options.

If they are unable to move prior to leaving for winter break, the spring semester room change process will begin on Monday, January 31.