Laundry Service

Kent State University is currently contracted with CSC ServiceWorks Inc. Each residence hall or hall complex is equipped with high-efficiency, 20 lb. capacity washing and drying machines. These machines will operate at no additional cost to you.


  • Load clothes into the washing machine. Add 2 tablespoons of soap and bleach or fabric softener if desired into the drawer at the front of the machine. Do not use more than 2 tablespoons of soap. If using laundry pods or sheets, put them in drum, not the machine drawer.
  • Close the door. Front load washers will lock once the machine starts and cannot reopen until wash cycle is complete.
  •  Select wash cycle and press the button.


  • Select an available dryer and clean the lint screen.
  • Place clothes loosely into the dryer and select the cycle.
  • Press the start button.


Laundry Maintenance Requests

If you experience any maintenance or other issues with a laundry machine, you can submit a maintenance request 24/7. To submit a laundry maintenance request, click here.