Laundry Service | Kent State University

Laundry Service

Kent State University is currently contracted with ASI Campus Laundry. Each residence hall is equipped with high-efficiency 20 lb. capacity washing and drying machines. Each wash cycle costs $2.75 with no additional charge for drying.

There is no need to constantly make change for quarters, as the campus laundry machines are activated with the ASI WAVERIDER App or a Credit/Debit card. To add value to the WAVERIDER App simply open the App on your smartphone, scan the QR code on the machine reader and press the green button when the light appears. Students can also pay by the load using a credit/debit card. 

Washing Machine instructions

  • The charge is $2.75 per load.
  • Load clothes into the washing machine. Add two tablespoons of soap and bleach or fabric softener if desired into the drawer at the front of the machine. NOTE: Do not use more than two tablespoons of soap.
  • Close the door. Front load washers will lock once the machine starts and cannot reopen until wash cycle is complete.
  •  Select wash cycle and press the button.

Dryer Machine instructions

  • No additional charge is collected for drying cycles.
  • Select an available dryer and clean the lint screen.
  • Place clothes loosely into the dryer and select the cycle.
  • Press the start button.