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The Honors College

The Honors College Living-Learning Community, located in Stopher Hall and Johnson Hall, is specifically for students who have been admitted to the Honors College.

Mission Statement:

The Honors College Living-Learning Community is provides to giving Honors College students the opportunity to live and learn together in an atmosphere dedicated to holistic learning by engaging students in social and educational programs designed to promote intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and independence.


Students who participate in the Honors College Living-Learning Community will be: exposed to opportunities unique to students who strive for academic success; participate in leadership opportunities along with other top students; develop friendships through common goals, courses, and conversation; and, be exposed to faculty and staff to enhance their academic experience at Kent State University.


Students who live in the Honors College Living-Learning Community will have access to the Honors Complex, which houses the Honors College administrative staff offices (including the dean and advisors), have the opportunity to take certain honors courses in the Honors Complex, and have access to the Honors College library and computer lab.

Programs and Events:

Each year the programs and events change as the community also changes. Programs and events of the past include:

  • The Honors Community Picnic: Held during Welcome Weekend, this program provided incoming students with an opportunity to meet and interact with other Honors students, Honors Staff, Honors Faculty, Honors alumni, and Residence Hall Staff.
  • Stress Relief with Puppies:  This program brought specially trained dogs (and handlers!) to the complex to provide students with a chance to relax and enjoy some time with some wonderful animals.   Pizza with the Profs: Pizza party with faculty to learn about the research endeavors of the Honors College faculty. Students had the opportunity to interact with lead faculty and discuss opportunities to assist in their research projects.
  • Study Abroad Fair: The Honors Study Abroad fair provided students with the information about the many opportunities for studying in other countries.
  • Other past programs have included ice cream socials, political debates, students forums, and a number of other seasonal programs.

Freshman Honors Colloquium:

All Honors freshmen are required to enroll in Freshmen Honors Colloquium (FHC). FHC is a two-semester sequence which totals six credit hours and takes the place of the traditional College Writing sequence (ENG 11011 and ENG 21011). The only exception to this requirement is the students who have completed the college-level English sequence for credit at an institution of higher education. Students who have already completed the college composition sequence are required to take HONR 13597 Colloquium on Western Identity. Advanced Placement Credits do not exempt a student from taking FHC.  Most sections of FHC are held in the Honors College Complex.

Requirements for admission:

In order to participate in the Honors College Living-Learning Community, one must be admitted to the Honors College at Kent State University. For more information about the Honors College please visit: www.kent.edu/honors

How do I join?

Students interested in living in the Honors College complex, who have been admitted to the Honors College should list Stopher and/or Johnson Hall as their preferred hall and choose the Honors College LLC as a preference. Assignments are made based on application date. Thus, the earlier you apply for your residence hall the more likely it is that you will receive an Honors College complex assignment.

Contact Information
Honors College
Kent State University
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242

Phone: (330)672-2312
Fax: (330)672-3327
Email: honors@kent.edu