Education, Health, and Human Services

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services Living-Learning community (EHHS-LC) here at Kent State University (KSU) is designed for students who have aspirations to become a professional in one of our numerous education, health, and human services programs. EHHS Living-Learning community members reside in Manchester Hall. As a member of the EHHS, you will be provided mentorship opportunities with upper-class students, faculty, and staff.

The mission of the EHHS Living-Learning community is to help you succeed. There is much more to learn about our professional programs than that which is learned in class. In learning about yourself and learning with others who share the same commitment to serving others, you will also begin to understand your potential for leadership in your profession.

As a part of EHHS Living-Learning community, you will experience programs and activities that will allow you to interact with fellow students, faculty, and staff members. You will also be exposed to the many student led organizations that the College has to offer.

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How do I join?

You must be a first year student admitted to the College of Education, Health and Human Services to be eligible to join this community or receive special permission from the Education Health and Human Services Living-Learning community  (EHHS) coordinator. Housing assignments are made based on application date. Thus, the earlier you apply for your residence hall the more likely it is that you will receive an EHHS assignment.

Students who are interested in applying to participate in the EHHS need to follow these steps:

  1. Select Manchester Hall and EHHS as your first choice on your residence hall application, and alert the academic advisor during your "Destination Kent State: Advising & Registration" program that you would like to participate in the EHHS Learning Community.
  2. If you need further assistance or have questions about how to join the EHHS Learning Community please contact the community coordinator.

Need more information:

For more information about EHHS, please visit the EHHS Learning Community website.

Coordinator Contact Information:

Julie Wilcox

Learning Community Coordinator

Director for Academic Recruitment and Retention


Phone: 330-672-0556