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Mission and Values

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We create safe and inclusive communities that foster student success.

Core Values:

In order to successfully accomplish our mission, the following core values guide the decisions we make, the priorities we establish and the directions we take:

Student Success – We strive to enhance students’ academic achievements and to support their learning and personal development. We are committed to assisting students through the various transitions they will experience while living in university housing.

Integrity – We pride ourselves on being honorable, trustworthy and credible. We strive to provide quality service, to treat everyone with respect, to provide timely responses, and to be fair and equitable.

Inclusive communities - We are committed to creating and helping to foster communities that promote healthy interaction, vibrant friendships, civility, compassion, caring, and an attitude of treating one another with respect and dignity.

Responsible Decision Making - To the desired end of being good stewards of our resources, and responsible citizens of the university as well as local, regional, and global societies, we are dedicated to the efficient and effective use of resources, and using reliable and diverse forms of information to support our decisions.