Spotlight Megan Rogerson

Q&A with Megan Rogerson, Associate Planner at ELOQUII; B.S. Fashion Merchandising, minors in Marketing and Sustainability; 2018 Alumnus; Hometown: Windsor, OH

Alumnus Spotlight Office of Sustainability Newsletter December 2020

Megan Rogerson, Associate Planner at ELOQUII; B.S. Fashion Merchandising, minors in Marketing and Sustainability; 2018 Alumnus

What duties does your role entail as Associate Planner with ELOQUII?
As an Associate Planner, I am responsible for analyzing business performance and I make recommendations that will maximize sales, profitability, and inventory. I set up all site promotions as well as contribute to daily website content replications.

What is your favorite part of your position or career field?
ELOQUII is a digitally-native start up and is a very fast-paced environment. I enjoy working for a small company, because what I do makes a real impact on the business. My role feels meaningful and important. 

What attracted you to the field of fashion merchandising?
I’ve always been inspired by the transformative power of clothing and how it acts as a true form of self expression. I entered the fashion program completely unaware of the unethical practices and harmful environmental impacts persisting within the retail industry. After learning about it in my classes, I found a passion for sustainability and as a future leader in the industry, I want to make a positive and lasting impact for change. 

What made you pursue minors in marketing and sustainability at Kent State?
I gained a basic understanding of sustainability in my fashion classes, but I really wanted to learn more about the subject holistically. Within my sustainability minor, I learned more about the science behind climate change and the business case for sustainability. I chose a marketing minor, because I felt it was important to have an understanding of consumer behavior and branding. 

What impact did your experience at Kent State have on your career?
Kent State prepared me with the best possible resources and opportunities that I needed to succeed within my career. My study abroad experience in Florence, Italy taught me to be flexible, open minded, and view the world from a more global perspective. I gained leadership and communication skills participating in the Fashion School’s Annual Fashion Show as a Model Coordinator. My minor in sustainability helped me understand that sustainable initiatives must be embedded into a business’s DNA in order to be successful in the long term. 

What advice do have for current Kent State students interested in a similar career path?
Take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you through Kent State and beyond; whether it be internships, student organizations, study abroad, etc.! As a general piece of career advice, do not let yourself get intimidated by others. You have the potential to bring a whole new perspective to any situation. Always remember to believe in yourself!

What role does sustainability play in your day-to-day job?
In addition to my role as an Associate Planner, I am a member of a cross-functional sustainability team at ELOQUII. We are committed to developing sustainable initiatives throughout our supply chain. We just recently accomplished transitioning our name labels and hangtags to 100% recycled materials! We are in the beginning stages of accessing where we are and strategizing our long term goals for sustainable development. 
Thank you Megan!

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