Spotlight Ryan McGinnis

Q&A with Ryan McGinnis, Freshman, Major: Psychology, Minor: Theatre Studies, EcoRep for Lake / Olson ,
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Office of Sustainability Newsletter May 2021

Ryan McGinnis, Freshman, Major: Psychology, Minor: Theatre Studies, EcoRep for Lake / Olson


What area(s) of sustainability are you most interested in?
The area of Sustainability that I am most interested in is food waste management trying to reuse and not wasting food.
What made you interested in pursuing this area?
Honestly I didn’t know much about sustainability until I met Colleen. She brought the topic to my attention and I found it interesting and I continued to research and learn more about it.
How do your studies or classes at Kent State support you in your sustainability endeavors?
Unfortunately at the moment I am not taking many sustainability courses but I do try my best to incorporate my sustainability into my classes. Using digital notes instead of wasting paper and notebooks.
What is your favorite part of your position, research, studies, or time at Kent State?
I absolutely love Kent, I have loved being in this position and it has kick started my leadership career in Kent. I have loved getting to know everyone and planning programs to teach and help people to be more environmentally safe.
What type of work or projects are you working on or have you worked on this year?
I got to do 3 programs this year. The first one was Don’t be bamboozled by recycling where we put together a presentation and got a guest speaker from the office of sustainability to teach people about how to be more environmentally safe. I then got everyone bamboo toothbrushes, and donuts because who doesn't like sweets.
The second program was the bag collection boxes where we collected bags and turned it into plarn to be donated to a family friend to be turned into a matts for the homeless
The third program was a water bottle comp between floors in Olson this was during race to zero waste to cut down on plastic water bottles the winning floor all for glass straws.
What are your favorite accomplishments or projects you have worked on so far?
My favorite program was my plastic bag collection. It was so fun getting to work with Colleen to get to put together and making plarn was very easy and fun to do. It was a great turn out of people participating and It truly helped reduce plastic waste.
What is an EcoRep and what is your role? 
As an Ecorep my role is to teach the residents how to be more friendly to the environment, to make  programs and events to teach and reward people for helping the earth. Ecoreps are advocates for the environment and wildlife we do are best to tell people and educate them about problems that affect the earth.
How can people learn more or get involved with EcoReps?
Ecoreps are a part of KIC which is an amazing organization to get involved with on campus. It is great for student leaders to really kick off their journeys. You can also learn more by visiting the Office of Sustainability!!
Why did you think it was important to create the events you have done as an EcoRep in your residence Hall?
It is important to create events that are educational and fun to show people their are easy solutions to big problems because we only get one earth and we kinda need it
What career or path do you see yourself pursuing after graduation?
I am currently studying child psychology I have a few ideas as what I wanna pursue but they are between a social worker, or a therapist (or school counselor).
Thank you Ryan!
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