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Ms. Nancy Hunter Denney
The Magic of Resilience: Implementation of The Grit Academy in New Student Advising to Assist in Student Retention
James Ritter & Barb Ozimek
What Beats Headphones and Starbucks Teach Us About Supporting Post-Millennial College Student Success
Michael Levinstein
Dan Stone
Rajlakshmi Ghosh & Lisa Froning
LeAnn Starlin Nilsson
Cassandra Mawson
Kaylene Trimmer, Erin Lawson, Amanda Colucci, & Rachel Scherer
Transfer Advising: When You Need a Few Tricks Up Your Sleeve
Helen Dauka
Deanna Laubis, Noelle Brooker, & Megan Cale
LuAnn Coldwell
Amy Calapa, Alex Moore, Kristina Spangler, & Katie Levels
Abbey Shiban & Carrie Tuesday
Sophie Kus, Terry Vance, Gayle Brunno-Gannon, & Mary Cooke
CJ Venable
Heather Ryan & Michael Gershe
The Enchantment of Cross-Campus Collaboration: How Volunteering in Student Conduct (or in any Other Office) Informs our Work as Advisors
Ann Winter
Improving Student Success Through Career Communities - The Magic of Advising Success Teams
Ron McDonald, Lucas Brewer, & Monica Womack
Becoming an Academic Advising Wizard: Lessons from Harry Potter
Susanne Miller
John Borawski & Samuel Yocca