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Collaboration, Inclusion, and Innovation


The Northeast Ohio Academic Advising Conference 2024

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 | 8:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

The Conference Center

Kent State University: Stark Campus


Conference Description

In today's ever-evolving educational landscape, academic advisors and college administrators serve as crucial pieces of a puzzle to ensure students receive the support they need to thrive. Building collaborative partnerships among all units across campuses and institutions is key to helping students accomplish their goals. Fostering a culture of belonging for safe and welcoming spaces allows us to learn from others and serve as inclusive leaders on campus. Creativity helps piece together more efficient environments that, in turn, promote student achievements and permit us to showcase our individual strengths.

The goal of the 2024 Northeast Ohio Academic Advising Conference is to connect the pieces of the advising puzzle to strengthen collaboration, promote inclusivity, and innovate for the benefit of all students. This conference will bring together advisors, educators, and professionals from across the academic landscape to explore and celebrate the diverse elements that make up student guidance. Bring your piece of the puzzle to deepen understanding, enhance skills, and exchange insights to help shape the future of student success.


Meet the Keynote Speaker

A headshot of a man with glasses (Keynote speaker Jeff Elliott)

Jeff Elliott

Executive Director of University Undergraduate Academic Advising (UUAA)

Purdue University

Jeff Elliott serves as the Executive Director of University Undergraduate Academic Advising (UUAA) at Purdue University. He holds a BA and MA in English literature, and his professional career has included administrative roles with tutoring and academic support services. The past seventeen years have been dedicated to professional academic advising. He has been involved in multiple leadership roles with NACADA and has a personal advising philosophy grounded in appreciative advising with a strong focus on decision making. Jeff completed his PhD in Higher Education Administration in May of 2021. In his role at Purdue, Jeff oversees university advising policy and practice, and he works with the advising directors of each college to support their unique advising needs. In addition to other collaborations, a critical role of UUAA is support of the Inclusive Advising Initiative developed through Purdue’s membership in the University Innovation Alliance.


Present as an Individual or Group

The Northeast Ohio Academic Advising Conference committee seeks proposals that address this year's theme of "Pieces of the Puzzle: Collaboration, Inclusion, and Innovation." The conference committee encourages academic advisors, faculty advisors, and other higher education professionals from the Northeast Ohio region to submit a proposal. Proposals from any type of institution are encouraged. Presentation formats may include traditional, round table discussion, panel discussion, or poster presentation.

Presentations should:

  • Present recent research and theory
  • Showcase best practices
  • Present innovative advising techniques
  • Facilitate dynamic discussions
  • Share collaborative approaches to advising

Proposal Due Date: Friday, March 29th

Submit a Presentation Proposal Here!


Conference Registration

The registration fee for the Northeast Ohio Academic Advising Conference will be a bit different this year. Please see below for categories and pricing:

  • Kent State University attendees
    • $100.00 for professional staff
    • $75.00 for graduate students

*Above prices include the 2024 conference registration as well as complimentary KASADA membership for the 2024 - 2025 academic year

  • Non-Kent State University attendees
    • $85.00 for conference registration
    • $100.00 for conference registration and to purchase a KASADA membership for the 2024-2025 academic year

Registration Deadline: Friday, April 19th

For questions, please contact:

The NEOAAC Committee at

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