Professional Development Committee

The purpose of the Professional Development Standing Committee shall be to promote the individual and corporate professional growth of the membership for the benefit of the advisors, students, and the university as a whole by planning all networking, trending topic, and brown bag events. A minimum of one event is intended to be planned per semester.

Chair: Christopher Venable and Theresa Wallace
Committee Members: TBD

Past Conferences
2014: "Constructing Futures: Laying the Foundation for Success" (May 2014)
2013 Conference: "Advising Stories: Let's Get Personal" (May 2013)
2010 Conference: "Purpose + Support + Motivation = Completion!" (May 2010)
2009 Conference: "Appreciative Advising: Creating Supportive Relationships and Environments" (May 22, 2009)
2008 Academic Advising Forum: "Well-Being: Tactics for Personal and Professional Appreciation" (November 2008)
2008 Conference: "Excellence in Action: Collaborative Change for Success" (May 2008)
2007 Academic Advising Forum: "Excellence in Action: Collaborating and Sharing of Best Practices" (November 2007)