Archived Lectures


NATO Enlargement: past, Present, and Future Dr. Lawrence S. Kaplan, Professor Emeritus of History, Kent State University
Russian Energy: the Economics and Geopolitics of Oil and Gas Dr. Andrew Barnes, Kent State University Department of Political Science

FALL 2005

Personal Reflections on the Nuremberg Tribunal and the International Criminal Court Professor Henry King, Director of the Canada/US Law Institute and Professor, Case Western Reserve University Law School


Winning Asymmetrical Wars:  Does NATO Have A Role? Dr. Sean Kay, Ohio Wesleyan University

FALL 2004

The Changing Face of European Identify  Dr. Richard Robyn, Assistant Professor, Kent State University
Global Development and National Security Dr. Vinay Bhargava - Director of Operations and International Affairs, World Bank


The Heart of it All: The War on Terrorism in Southeast Afghanistan-Northwest Pakistan Ambassador Charles Dunbar - Warburg Professor in International Relations, Simmons College

FALL 2003

The European Union's Eastward Expansion Anthony Gooch - Spokesperson for the European Commission Delegation to the United States, Washington, DC.
Bosnia and the Dayton Accords: Eight Years Later  Steven Oluic - Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army


The Politics of Rapprochement in  Contemporary Greek - Turkish Relations Harry J. Psomiades - Senior Visiting Scholar, Onassis Foundation University Seminars Program (USA)

FALL 2002

The Intelligence Community and 9/11 Richard E. Schroeder - CIA chair, Department of Political Science, National Defense University's Industrial College of the Armed Forces
Vietnam and Europe:  The View from NATO Lawrence S. Kaplan - Historian, Department of Defense, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University and University Professor Emeritus, Kent State University
Unilateral U.S. and Autonomous Europe: End of an Alliance? Stanley R. Sloan - Director, Vienna International Consultants, and the Atlantic Community Initiative


Identities, Prospects, and Legacies Among the Northern Italian Border Landscapes David H. Kaplan - Associate Professor of Geography, Kent State University
Iceland: America's Nordic Neighbor Fridrick Jonsson - Counselor of Defense, Embassy of Iceland,  Washington, D.C.


NATO in the 21st Century Lawrence S. Kaplan - Historian, Department of Defense, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University and University Professor Emeritus, Kent State University
Cyprus Update: Prospects for a Solution Thomas G. Weston - Special Coordinator for Cyprus, U.S. Department of State

FALL 2000

National Missile Defense and Allied Relations Theresa A. Hitchens - Research Director, British American Security Information Council
Cold War or Cold Peace: Analyzing Greek-Turkish Relations in the New Millennium James E. Miller - Former member of the State Department and its editor of Foreign Relations of the United States


Cambodia: The Implementation of the Nixon Doctrine Piotr Ostaszewski - Associate Professor, American Studies Center, Warsaw University
NATO After Fifty: Is There A Future? Lawrence S. Kaplan - Historian, Department of Defense, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University and Professor Emeritus, Kent State University
NATO and the United Nations: Toward Reconciliation  Hall Gardner - Professor and Chair, International Affairs Department, American University, Paris

FALL 1999

The U.S. and the European Union in NATO: Cooperation or Competition in the Fields of Fields of Security and Defense Charles Barry - National Defense University, Visiting Fellow at NDU's Institute for National Strategic Studies, Washington, DC
The Historical Roots of European Integration from an Economic Perspective Willem Noe, Economist -  Directorate General, European Commission,  Brussels
Presidents as Heroic Leaders or Simply Post-Cold War Era  Hanna Y. Freij - Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Kent State University