February 2017

Changes to Stipends for Cellular Devices

In its response to the report of the Governor’s Affordability and Efficiency Taskforce, Kent State University’s Board of Trustees has recommended reducing the university’s expenditures related to cellphone stipends. The goal is to achieve a minimum annual savings of $200,000 on cellphone stipends by fiscal year 2018.

The change applies to employees with personally-owned cellphones who receive a stipend. It does not impact employees who have a university-owned cellular device. 

As the first step toward this goal, members of the President’s Cabinet and Deans (ALG) agreed to waive their cellphone stipends effective Jan. 1, 2017.

The next steps associated with meeting the Board’s objective include:

  • Feb. 15, 2017 – Revision of policy 3342-7-02.15 regarding provision of cellular devices to university employees. The revised policy will be available in the policy register on or before Feb. 15, 2017.  View the revised policy here.
  • Mar. 1, 2017 –  University employees who currently receive a cellular device stipend will see a 50 percent reduction in the amount. The new amounts will be $25 for voice-only plans and $45 for voice and data plans.
  • Jun. 30, 2017 – Department heads and their respective vice presidents will take a more critical review of which employees should receive the stipend when considering approval of cellular device authorization workflows for fiscal year 2018. The review will follow the business purpose guidelines in the revised policy.

Questions regarding these changes should be directed to Associate Vice President Anne Brown, Business and Administration Services, at 330-672-6364 or abrow116@kent.edu.

Training for Golf and Motorized Cart Users

Employees who operate university-owned golf or motorized carts should be aware of a change in the training requirements for these vehicles. Training is now required every three years in order to use the motorized carts on campus. The training is available on FlashTrain and includes:

  • Safe operation of vehicles;
  • Where carts are allowed on campus;
  • Pedestrian safety; and
  • Safety in parking lots.

Employees can check their status on FlashTrain to determine when they need to take the training. If you have questions, contact Donald Head, occupational health and safety coordinator, at 330-672-9565 or dehead@kent.edu.

Career Exploration and Development is hosting its annual spring career fair:

Event:  Spring Internship, Co-op & Career Fair

Date:   Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017

Time:   noon - 4 p.m.

Location: Kent State Field House

This event is open to all Kent State students or alumni of all majors who are seeking full time employment, co-op and/or internship opportunities. Please assist by spreading the word to your student employees!

In addition, please encourage prospective attendees to:

For more information, contact Kristen Washington at kwashi16@kent.edu

Kent State Offers New Parental Leave Policy

The university will provide paid parental leave to employees to recover from childbirth and/or to care for or bond with a child. This policy applies to all full-time, benefits-eligible employees who are not in a recognized bargaining unit. To be eligible for paid parental leave, an employee must have become a new parent as a birth mother, birth father, an adoptive parent, foster care parent with legal custody or guardianship, or domestic partner. For more details, please review the full policy. If you have any questions concerning this new employee benefit, please email benefits@kent.edu.

Mark Your Calendars — Spring Employee Recognition Events

Mark your calendars now for the university’s two annual spring employee recognition events.

The Office Support Staff Recognition Program will be held Wed., Apr. 26, in the Kent Student Center Ballroom. This luncheon recognizes university employees who provide office support throughout Kent State’s campuses. Invitations will be mailed the first week in April. Managers and supervisors should schedule coverage for their respective units so invitees may attend.

For Office Support Staff Luncheon registration and information, please contact Alexa Wanchick at awanchic@kent.edu.

The 20-Year Club Service Awards Program is an annual event established in 1966 to honor classified and unclassified employees who have dedicated 20 years of continuous service to Kent State University.

The 20-Year Club dinner will be held Thurs., May 25, in the Kent Student Center. Family, friends and co-workers join in honoring inductees at the awards dinner. Upon reaching this milestone, employees may select one of three things: a chair for home or office or a bench or tree to be placed on campus in their honor.

This year, some 40 staff members will log 20 years of continuous service at Kent State.  The list of inductees and dinner information is available on the 20-Year Club website.

For 20-Year Club registration and information, please contact Amber James at asavier2@kent.edu.

Dates to Remember
Black History Month

Feb. 3 National Wear Red Day
Feb. 4 Rosa Parks Day
Feb. 7 Employee, Family and Friends Men’s Basketball: Bowling Green Falcons vs. Golden Flashes, 7 p.m.Feb. 12 Lincoln’s Birthday
Feb. 10 College of Podiatric Medicine Spring Classes End (third-year students)
Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day
Feb. 20 Presidents Day (university open)
Feb. 13-24 College of Podiatric Medicine Spring Finals (third-year students)
Feb. 22 Washington’s Birthday
Feb. 25 Employee, Family and Friends Men’s Basketball: Ohio Univ. Bobcats  vs. Golden Flashes, 7 p.m.

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