2019 Education Summit Unit Planning Materials

Lesson & Unit Planning Resources Materials

The contents of the files below offer frameworks and examples teachers can utilize while creating engaging lesson and unit plans to teach. These resources will help teachers to consider their professional and personal commitments in the development of powerful learning opportunities for their students regarding the events of May 1st through May 4th, 1970. The intended educational audience for these resources is secondary educators grades 7-12.

NCSS C3 Framework, Standards, and Inquiry Arc: Professional Tools to Plan Engaging Learning

Why Teach About May 4, 1970?: Creating A Rationale for Teaching

Building a Curriculum to Teach About May 4, 1970: A Resource List & Overview of the May 4 Special Collections Archive & May 4 Visitor's Center

Lesson & Unit Planning for May 4, 1970: Short & Long Form Planning Frameworks & Lesson Examples