Interactive Mobile May 4 Apps

The May 4th Augmented Reality Experience

The May 4th augmented reality experience is designed to engage and immerse users as they journey through the events of May 4, 1970, and reflect on its meaning for today. The experience invites users to view multiple perspectives of the Kent State shootings through the lens of augmented reality using historical imagery, audio and related experiences that highlight past and current humanitarian struggles. Visitors to Kent State's campus can explore multiple hotspots and see historical images in real time and locations. Users unable to visit the campus can explore those same audio and visual materials from any location using the application's 360 images of the Kent Campus. All users will have a chance to see and hear about the context leading up to May 4, 1970, events on the day of the shootings, yearly commemorations at the particular hotspot, and questions that promote voices for change. 

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Mapping May 4 

This web app draws from the oral histories in the May 4 Collection, Kent State Special Collections & Archives. It maps stories from those histories that describe memories of events at a particular place in Kent between May 1 and May 5, 1970. Users of the app can click through the map or take guided tours, either online or in person, with their mobile device. This web app is designed to serve as a digital memorial to remember and honor these events. We have made it both for those who have stories to share and those who are interested in hearing these stories.

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You can also view a short video about the Mapping May 4 app below: