"50th" Year in Review

Beginning in the fall of 2019 and continuing through May 4, 2020, Kent State University held a year-long observance to honor the history and legacy of the events of May 4, 1970. A variety of educational, cultural and artistic programs were held in addition to numerous exhibits, and conferences.

Events & Programs
Review the schedule for the many events and programs held during the year-long observance.


YouTube Channel
View a variety of videos from presentations during the year-long observance.


May 4 History
Visit the official May 4 website and learn about its history, experts and other resources.


May 4 Visitors Center
Located in room 101 of Taylor Hall and contains a permanent exhibition of the student anti-war movement, historic artifacts, and film about the events of May 4, 1970.  


Educational Summit & Resources
Contains documents and other tools for teachers to help engage their students to learn about May 4, 1970, and how those events impact all of us today.