Candlelight March & Vigil

Each year on the anniversary of May 4, Kent State University, observes several important and meaningful events to remember and honor the students killed and wounded on May 4, 1970. One important aspect of the May 4 anniversary activities is the annual candlelight walk and the vigil. This event first occurred in 1971 and has become a cornerstone of the commemoration.

The march begins each year on the evening of May 3rd on the commons at 11:00 pm. The silent walk around part of the campus takes about 60 minutes and ends in the Prentice Hall parking lot where the four students fell when they were shot. People may sign-up to stand vigil in ½ hour increments throughout the night which continues all night until noon on May 4.

The facilitation of inquire, learn and reflect as well as the commitment to the candlelight vigil was enhanced with the building of the parking lot markers surrounding the location where the four students lost their lives. Each of these locations has six posts with lights that come on at night. The markers represent a permanent candlelight vigil as well at the university’s statement that it will not forget the events of May 4. 

Vigil Sign-up will begin later this Spring