The May 4, 50th Commemoration Exhibit Circuit

Throughout the weekend, we invite you to tour the special May 4th-related exhibits that are on display around campus. These exhibits focus on different aspects of the May 4th legacy and contain a variety of artifacts, artwork, historical documents, fashion, photography and more.

These exhibits are free and open to the public during the hours of ___ to ____. You may also use the special shuttle buses which will stop at, or near the exhibit locations as shown below.

Special Exhibits Include:

  1. The Truth Demands Justice: A Snapshot History of The May 4 Task Force
  2. 50 Years: Long Live the Memory of Orangeburg, Jackson State, and Kent State
    • Civil Rights, Black Power, and Anti-War Actions
    • Black Student Movements: Orangeburg, Kent and Jackson State 1968-1970
    • The best of us: Lessons from Kent State and Jackson State
  3. Kick Out The Jams: Authentic Images from the Rock & Roll Era at Kent
  4. Campus Strike Papers: The Aftermath of May 4 1970
  5. Voices of Change: Kent State Students and President Nixon
  6. Culture/Counterculture: Fashions of the 1960’s & 70’s
  7. Wearing Justice
  8. Four Fallen Students
    • Our Brother Jeff
    • Sandy’s Scrapbook
    • Allison The Protestor
    • Bill: An All-American Boy
  9. May 4 Memorial Designs
  11. Waging Peace Exhibit