May 4 Voices


The 67 shots that rang out at Kent State amid a May 4, 1970 Vietnam War protest, killing four students and wounding nine, reverberate nearly 50 years later. Many historians see the shootings as the moment America turned, finally and forcefully, against the war.

For so many individuals, the events of and surrounding May 4, 1970, remain a vivid memory nearly 50 years later. There are many voices surrounding May 4, 1970, each with a unique perspective and a story to share.  We invite you to discover a diverse collection of stories, poems, personal reflections and some class projects that help us all to inquire, learn and reflect on that day.

Stories From Survivors
Read about some of the people who survived the shootings on May 4, 1970 and learn more about thoughts about that day nearly 50 years later.