Registration Process

Any organization interested in hosting an official registered event for the May 4, 50th Commemoration Calendar, must complete the required online form. This form asks for basic information about the event, outlines event goals and criteria. The form can also serve as a request for additional funding, if desired.

The form is submitted for advance screening to identify possible event duplication, conflicts with planned future events/speakers and/or to explore possible coordination or collaboration with other similar events.

The May 4 50th Project Manager will present updated registered events requests to the Programming Committee with a status on each project for the committee to review and discuss. The proposed program/event will receive a review to ensure that it is compliant with protocol outlined below.

Once it is determined that the proposal/event plan is approved for inclusion on the May 4, 50th Commemoration Calendar, the May 4 Project Manager will work with the Office of University Events and Protocol for coordination and implementation with the University Events Calendar including the May 4, 50th Commemoration tag.


step 3: review university policies and protocol