University Policies & Protocols

Inviting Government Officials

As a state university, it is imperative that the university embrace a coordinated and consistent approach to its official dealings with all federal, state, and local government offices, boards and agencies. Under the direction of the president, the office of government and community relations shall be responsible for the administration of this policy. See Policy Register 5-03.1

Inviting Non-Affiliated Speakers

Please note the university has an existing policy to address demonstrations, marches and speakers. See Policy 4-03.1. Only registered student organizations and university departments can sponsor non-affiliated speakers on campus.

Inviting High Profile Speakers and Performers

Featured events with high profile speakers and/or performers for the 50th Commemoration of May 4, 1970 should be planned well in advance and be cleared through the Office of the President, the Office of University Events and Protocol for coordination with the University Events Calendar. This will enhance communication for event planning (i.e., scheduling, security team review). Additionally, this protocol aims to prevent multiple requests of the same high-profile speaker/performer and avoid multiple featured events occurring on the same day.

Protocol Guidelines:

The Office of University Events and Protocol should be contacted when the speaker meets any of the following criteria:

  1. Contract is equal or greater than $10,000
  2. The speaker would likely gain national and/or local media interest
  3. The anticipated crowd size is greater than 400 attendees


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