Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre

Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre

Assistant Professor of Russian and Translation
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Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre received her Ph.D. in Translation Studies from Kent State University in 2012. She also holds an undergraduate degree from Tver State University in linguistics and foreign language pedagogy, and Master's degrees in Russian translation and TESL from Kent State University.

Her research interests are focused on corpus linguistics applied to studying global features of translated and non-translated texts--cohesion and punctuation. She has published several research articles and presented at major professional conferences on various aspects of translation, Russian as a foreign language, second language pedagogy, and the use of technology in a second language classroom.

Tatyana has been teaching Russian and translation courses, both traditional and online, at all levels since 2003. She has been actively involved with the KSU STARTALK Foreign Language Academy since its start in 2007. FLA is a language immersion program for high-school students, where she is currently the Curriculum Advisor and Russian Lead Instructor. Tatyana has been a freelance translator since 1999, and has been working as a translation/localization quality assurance reviewer since 2009.


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Bystrova-McIntyre, T. (2007). Looking at the overlooked: A corpora study of punctuation use in Russian and English. Translation and Interpreting Studies, 2(1), 137-162.

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Bystrova, T. (2001). Dialogicheskaia spetsifika konstruktsii s vyskazyvatel'nymi predikatami v kontekstakh konstativnogo upotrebleniia [Dialogical specifics of constructions with introductory predicates in contexts of informative statements]. Aktual'nye problemy agrarnoi nauki Verkhnevolzh'ia [Issues in Agricultural Studies of the Upper Volga Region]. Tver (Russia), 303-305.

Bystrova, T. (2000). Dialogicheskaia spetsifika konstruktsii s vyskazyvatel'nymi predikatami [Dialogical specifics of constructions with introductory predicates]. Problemy psikholingvistiki i teorii kommunikatsii [Issues in Psycholinguistics and Communication Theory]. Materials of the 2nd international conference (November 2000, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine). Kiev (Ukraine), 102-108.

Bystrova, T. (2000). Funktsional'no-semanticheskie osobennosti konstruktsii s vyskazyvatel'nymi predikatami [Functional and semantic characteristics of constructions with introductory predicates]. Metody aktivizatsii uchebnogo protsessa i prakticheskoi podgotovki studentov v sovremennykh usloviiakh [Methods of Learning Activation and Practical Preparation of Students in Modern Conditions]. Materials of the 17th research conference (May 17-18, 2000, Tver, Russia). Tver (Russia), 217-220.


October 2013. STARTALK Fall 2013 Awardee Conference. Portland, OR. "High-level content with low-level language: Enabling second language learners (Scaffolding and comprehensible input in lesson planning and curriculum design)"

March 2012. American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association Sixth Biennial Conference/10th Anniversary Conference. University of Texas at Brownsville - South Padre Island, TX. "Reflective journals in translator training: Exteriorizing the translator’s self-image" (co-presented with Dr. Brian J. Baer)

October 2011. STARTALK Fall 2011 Awardee Conference. Washington DC. "Online social communities and media with beginning language learners" (co-presented with Dr. Brian J. Baer, Theresa Minick, and Julie Purcell)

April 2011. MidWest Slavic Conference. Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio. "Cohesion in translation: A corpus study of translated and non-translated texts (Russian into English)"

November 2010. American Translators Association 51th Conference. Denver, CO. "The translator's other hats: Towards an expanded translation pedagogy"

April 2010. MidWest Slavic Conference. Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio. "Aligning technology with best practices" (co-presented with Dr. Brian J. Baer)

November 2008. American Translators Association 49th Conference. Orlando, FL. "Doctoral programs in translation studies in the U.S.: A student's perspective" (co-presented with Dave Summers, KSU & Nelson López, Binghamton University)

April 2008. American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association. 4th Biannual Conference. El Paso, TX. "Studying cohesion in corpora: Comparative research in sentencing and paragraphing in Russian and English texts" (co-presented with Dr. Brian J. Baer)

November 2007. American Translators Association 48th Conference. San Francisco, CA. ATA Research Forum with Claudia V. Angelelli, Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre, Brian James Baer, Sonia Colina, Christian Degueldre, and Holly E. Jacobson. "Assessing deviation: Empirical research in the development of assessment tools" (co-presented with Dr. Brian J. Baer)

November 2006. American Translators Association 47th Conference. New Orleans, LA. “Looking at the overlooked: Sentencing, paragraphing, and textual cohesion in Russian → English translation” (co-presented with Dr. Brian J. Baer)

November 2005. American Translators Association 46th Conference. Seattle, WA. “Translating Russian punctuation: Problems and solutions” (co-presented with Dr. Brian J. Baer)

February 2005. MidWest Slavic Conference. Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio. “Translating Russian punctuation”


Russian, Russian Translation, Second Language Pedagogy, Translation Studies, Corpus Studies


ATA (American Translators Association) - regular attendee, (co)-presenter, ATA series contributor, NOTA (North East Ohio Translators Association), ATISA (American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association), Phi Beta Delta, the Honor Society for International Scholars, AATSEEL (American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages), ACTR (American Council of Teachers of Russian)