Student Testimonials

“KSU’s Classical Studies program allowed me to study, role play as, and actually visit the ancient places and cultures that had always fascinated me since I was little. Being able to walk the streets of the Roman Forum, that I’d read about for years, was a defining moment in my life. Some of my best college memories took place in Classics classrooms. I would not trade my time spent in the program for anything.” 

Jenna Atkinson
Classics major, Class of 2018

"The Classics program was probably the best choice I could have made when deciding my major. I learned how to improve my critical thinking skills, how to engage in academic discussions and process new information, and the Greek and Latin courses helped to improve my language comprehension skills-- all of which are extremely useful no matter what profession I find myself in. I enjoyed every single course I took for this major and the wide variety of topics offered. I cannot express how grateful I am for the unending support and encouragement from each of my professors. They are all incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the topics they study and the effort they put into the courses they teach truly reflects that."

Miranda Beaujon
Classics major, Class of 2020, Eta Sigma Phi

“I've loved my time at KSU! The professors in the Classics department have been intelligent, hilarious, and a joy to learn from. They're experts in their field and have been amazing mentors. I initially thought I'd have trouble attending Kent as an adult learner, disabled and commuting by bus from Cleveland. I found the exact opposite. My professors were supportive, my classmates a joy to learn with, and I rediscovered my love of Latin and Greek culture from middle school and high school. I loved KSU so much I applied for their library science program. My eventual goal is to get a PHD in Religious Studies and become a scholar and researcher in this field. My experience at KSU gives me a great preparation and jumping point for my career. I'm actually happy I graduated when I did instead of when I was 22, I'm glad I had this experience.”

Kelly Heikkila
Classics major, Class of 2020

“My degree in Classics from Kent State University gave me a solid foundation for my academic studies and beyond. I have had the privilege to study with wonderful faculty members, including Radd Ehrman, Sarah Harvey, Brian Harvey, and Jennifer Larson, in the Classics department and can confidently say they care for the success of each of their students. The knowledge and expertise of the faculty combined with their dedication to students’ learning make each class fun and exciting. The range and diversity of courses offered in Classics bring a new perspective to literature, art, history, and language, and will serve you well in any discipline or endeavor you pursue.” 

Helen Hines
Classics major, Class of 2018, Eta Sigma Phi

“I have been at Kent State now for three years. Before I went here, I had been taking Latin for four years in high school. I have improved so much since than due to the support and teaching of the professors here. I have also since then learned Ancient Greek and have decided to pursue graduate school. The professors in the Modern and Classical Language Studies department are supportive in helping you find your passion within Classics. I have now figured out that I enjoy reading Roman historians and ancient Greek Philosophy. No matter who you are there is a place for you within Kent State and within Classics.”

Antonio Pitty
Classics major, Class of 2021, Eta Sigma Phi

“I have been very fortunate the past three years to study Classics as a Senior Guest with four extraordinary Kent State faculty members- Sarah Harvey, Radd Ehrman, Jennifer Larson, and Brian Harvey. Each professor demonstrated excellent teaching skills, great patience, and an amazing grasp of the subject material, be it the Ancient Greek language, the works of Plato and Euripides, the wonderfully rich poetry of Homer, or the lives of the Romans. No matter what your area of study is at Kent State, a strong grounding in the Classics will greatly enhance your educational experience and leave you better prepared for graduate school, a professional career, and life.”

Stephen Roberts, MBA
Director, Kent State Office of Technology Commercialization