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How to Become a Certified Translator

Professionals in the workforce earn their reputation in many ways, but credentials can provide authentication of someone’s achievements. For those who work in the translation field, becoming a certified translator and attaining certifications can help you stand out in your career. Credentials help set you apart in from competitors and also demonstrate a commitment to your field of study.

Kent State University’s M.A. in Translation can put you on a rewarding career path, and one that can be augmented by way of ATA certification.

How to Get Your American Translators Association Certification to Become a Certified Translator

You are only allowed to take the ATA exam once a year per language combination, so successfully preparing is a crucial element to certified translation. You may, however, take the exam in a different language combination in the same year. The current passing rate is less than 20%, so passing the ATA is surely no easy feat.

A few day-of exam tips include software requirements, printed resources, and ID specifications, among other daily test preparation habits one may have.


The ATA exam was designed to test your translation abilities at a professional level. The three-hour exam for certified translation features three different passages, each 225-275 words in length. Throughout the proctored exam, you must translate two of the three passages to the best of your ability.

To officially become a certified translator, you must:

  • Make sure your language(s) are supported by the ATA exam (listed below)
  • Become a member of the ATA (for at least 4 weeks prior to testing) and take their pledge of ethics
  • Pay the costs of the translator certification
  • Take the ATA certification exam
  • Pass the exam

The following language translations are offered through the ATA exam:

  • English into Chinese
  • English into Croatian
  • English into Dutch
  • English into Finnish
  • English into French
  • English into German
  • English into Hungarian
  • English into Italian
  • English into Japanese
  • English into Polish
  • English into Portuguese
  • English into Russian
  • English into Spanish
  • English into Swedish
  • English into Ukrainian
  • Arabic into English
  • Chinese into English
  • Croatian into English
  • Dutch into English
  • French into English
  • German into English
  • Italian into English
  • Japanese into English
  • Polish into English
  • Portuguese into English
  • Russian into English
  • Spanish into English
  • Swedish into English
  • Ukrainian into English

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