Course Exchange

COURAGE Course Exchange is a mechanism for sharing and transferring advanced and specialized courses between member institutions. A faculty team (course director and a team of faculty members from multiple institutions) join hand to host one advanced topic course developed in one institution to others. The model allows the hosting institution to import, localize and eventually develop local capability to host the course. COURAGE course exchange enables member institutions/departments to buildup graduate concentration areas by utilizing each others faculty strengths.

Our first phase goal is to identify a set of about 5-10 courses from various institutions which can be offered in multiple institutions (2+). We particularly seek specialized courses reflecting the teaching-faculty’s research area preferably at graduate/senior UG levels/special topics or contribute building new departmental focus area (such as bio-informatics, financial engineering, internet security, etc). In 2008-2009 we would like to select about 2-5 viable courses and showcase joint offering of these courses in 2+ institutions.

The exact format and logistics of the joint courses are worked out by offer faculty team. The courses are to be cross-listed in each offer institution and all the offer institutions should allow credit transfer for these courses.

Courses That Already Have 2+ Institutions

We have already few courses scheduled to be offered at two or more institutions. The current lists are as following:

  • DISTRIBUTION THEORY (LUMS, KSU, GCU, SMS, approx. spring-summer 08)
  • STATISTICAL INFERENCE (LUMS, KSU, GCU, SMS, approx. spring-summer 08))
  • COMPUTATIONAL FINANCE (KSU, ISMIR, winter07, spring 08)
  • WIRELESS NETWORKING (KSU, IIUM, approx. spring 08)
  • INTERNET ENGINEERING (KSU, IIUM, approx spring 08, summer 08)

If you want to co-host any of these courses at your department please send a hosting call. The involved faculty will lead the initiative to work together with the host departments to determine the exact logistics, formats and timing issues.

Courses Your Faculty Member May Offer

We are also requesting additional courses. If a faculty member in your institution/department has developed a suitable special course feel free to send an offer call with (a) faculty name (a) name of the course (b) a paragraph description that we will circulate to all COURAGE members. This is an opportunity to highlight your research faculty for international exposure. Imagine that one of teacher can offer a course which will be taken by students from all over the world.

Courses Your Department May Request

Even if a course is not in offering list, you still may send a request call. In a brief description please indicate concentration area, little context and probable number of students from your end. Don’t hesitate with enrollment. Even 2+ students might be enough for very specialized advanced courses. We will circulate your call among COURAGE members. If you are building a research concentration for your department this is the opportunity to try a jump start. To make the process faster, do troll the website of COURAGE departments and indicate which courses you are interested. Other institutions from COURAGE countries might provide you substantial supporting courses to make your new program a success.