Individual Membership

You can participate in COURAGE Scholar, Doctoral Fellow or Organizer.

Become a COURAGE Scholar

You can become a COURAGE Scholar as an individual- even if your institution is not yet a member of COURAGE. If you are a scientists, faculty, expert, innovator we welcome you to contribute a part of your intellect. You can co-direct thesis, dissertations, teach special courses, conduct an advanced tutorial workshop, and offer a research seminar as an independent COURAGE Scholar in COURAGE institutions. Contact COURAGE Secretariat for joining.

Become a COURAGE Doctoral Fellow

If you are currently an undergraduate or master’s student with excellent academic standing at any of the COURAGE member universities and inspired to work on a doctoral dissertation problems with relevance to your community and world please contact COURAGE Directorate in your institution. If you are not in COURAGE institution but would think that you would like to join in a COURAGE university contact the admission office of the selected university.

Become a COURAGE Organizer

If you have a bright idea and expertise that can help better implement COURAGE missions and activities feel free to contact us. You may join, initiate and lead in COURAGE special interest task groups. We are administered by open consultative bodies based on interest and active participation.