Sponsor Activity

The major components of COURAGE resources come from membership subscription. Yet COURAGE has a number of components seeking sponsors. Here are few components to consider:

SPONSOR a research

COURAGE has unique advantage in being able to carry out high quality open and independent academic research of global reach in formal academic setup. SPONSOR a doctoral research/study grant that will encourage faculty and students to think on a problem in depth. Send selected individuals, students, researcher to work on specific problem in COURAGE institutions. Contact COURAGE secretariat with your idea.

SPONSOR a prodigious young student

COURAGE has Golden Ladder program to actively identify prodigious students from disadvantaged communities and even orphanages from around the world. It arranges long term modern education from high school to all the way up to doctoral education with continuous bridging through multiple COURAGE institutions. It also arranges lifelong intellectual mentorship for such disadvantaged kids from among faculty of courage institutions. You are invited to sponsor a student in this COURAGE Golden Ladder Scholarship program.

DONATE collaboration equipment

Donate equipment to reach out to the universities in the troubled communities of the world. These are places requiring communication technology most- yet these are the places where they have it least. Allow faculty and students from troubled places to join in national and international conferences at least virtually when most have travel, logistics, and various resource impediments to join. Help them to have access in digital libraries, virtual laboratories, access to your journals and proceedings and other resources, and keep the light of education shining where it is most needed. Please contact us if you want to participate in COURAGE Digital Divide Bridge program for a list of institutions waiting to get cross the bridge.