Family & Friends

Learn about the accesses students can provide family and friends!

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

FERPA, or the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, is a federal law that protects the privacy of your education records. This includes items such as your student account information and financial aid. If a parent, guardian, or advocate has not been granted FERPA authorization, we are unable to discuss your student information with them. Without this access, your parent, guardian, or advocate may not be able to obtain the needed information from our office to assist you. By watching the video below, students can learn how to grant FERPA access to a parent, guardian, or advocate.

KSUView Access

KSUView Access is granted by students to a parent, guardian, or advocate. This access provides them with an email that will include their own KSUView login credentials to view details about a student's FlashLine information. Please note that the student determines what access the third party has while creating the KSUView login.

Share your e-Bill (Authorized User Access)

Students may authorize a designated parent, guardian, or advocate, the ability to log into the online payment site to make payments on their behalf. With this access, authorized users will be able to make online payments and view billing statements that have been issued to the student.