Career Exploration and Development Updates

Career Navigation & Class Credit 

Career Navigation is a two-credit course that provides a dedicated time and safe space for career exploration. It gives students an opportunity to connect academic opportunities to careers. They could narrow down specializations in their career fields, select a major, evaluate career changes, or validate that they have chosen the best major for the occupational path that they would like to pursue.

Students will discover their own major life themes and patterns and explore their preferred work environments. The course also equips students with self-awareness, knowledge, and skills useful in decision making about how to use opportunities to build meaningful futures and how to maintain flexibility and adaptability in college and thereafter.

Students can register for Career Navigation on Flashline under the course registration number UC 20010.

Employment on Campus 

Did you know?    

On average, 75% of all college students are employed while taking classes. Further, studies show that students who work on campus 20 hours or less each week perform better academically than those students who work off campus, or do not work at all.

As employees on campus, students: 

1. Obtain valuable work experience to enhance their resume 

2. Develop professional skills to make themselves more marketable to future employers 

3. Work in a flexible and supportive environment that is near their classes 

4. Meet new people 

Your student can search and apply for positions online through Handshake, which is the online career platform for Kent State University.  Contact for more information about working on campus. 

Career Exploration and Development Industry Clusters 

Industry clusters were adapted to enhance the student experience. Based on their interests and academics, students are placed with an industry specific Career Exploration and Development expert. The advisor can provide to the student insight regarding their field of choice. They also engage employers in those clusters. Staff are more in tune with both student and employer needs and are able develop more collaborative opportunities for both.

Below is a list of staff members and their industries. If you have any questions, contact them on email as listed.




Industry/Career Community Area   

Alyssa Hall 

Insurance Industry

Cooperative Education & Internships

Ami Hollis

Student Employee Hiring 

Supervisor Training 

Craig Wilkinson  


Business & Finance 


Felicia Johnson  

Underrepresented Students 


Human Services & Public Policy

Julie Novotny


Human Services & Public Policy 

LGBTQ+ Advocacy & Employment 

Krittika Grau

Communications & Media 

International Student Employment 

LuAnn Coldwell

Visual & Performing Arts 

Tracy Montgomery 

Career Navigation Course Coordination


Student Athletes 


Learn more about Career Exploration and Development at or contact us on 330-672-2360.