Important Numbers

We have gathered important phone numbers you may need to reference from time-to-time, while your student attends Kent State. Phone directories are also available to search for a faculty or staff member and to search by department

Name Phone Website


330-672-2444 Admissions Office Website
Annual Giving 330-672-2222 Annual Giving Website
Athletics 330-672-5974 Athletics Website
Campus Bus Services (PARTA) 330-676-6701 PARTA Website
Campus Police 330-672-3070 Campus Safety Website
Center for Student Involvement 330-672-2480 CSI Website 
Deweese Health Center 330-672-2322 Deweese Health Center Website
FLASHcard Office 330-672-2273 FLASHcard Office Website
Honors College 330-672-2312 Honors College Website
Mail Services 330-672-2164 Review Mail Guidelines and Tips
One Stop 330-672-6000 One Stop's Website
Office of Global Education 330-672-7980 OGE Website
Parking Services 330-672-4432 Parking Services Website
Residence Services 330-672-7000 Residence Services Website
Student Accessibility Services 330-672-3391 SAS Website
Student Financial Aid Office 330-672-6000 Student Financial Aid Office Website
Student Legal Services 330-672-9550 SLS Website
Student Recreation and Wellness Center 330-672-4732 SRWC Website
Student Success Programs 330-672-9292 Student Success Website
University Bookstore 330-672-2762 University Bookstore Website
University Dining Services 330-672-2541 University Dining Services Website
University Libraries 330-672-3456 University Libraries Website
Women's Center 330-672-9230 Women's Center Website

Additional Information

If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact