Roommate 101

Residence Halls 101: Five Things To Know

  1. Your student will be living in a co-ed residence hall where each floor is overseen by a Resident Assistant.  The Resident Assistant is a current student at Kent State University that assist students in getting acclimated to campus, roommate mediation and community building. 
  2. It is likely that your student was provided a random roommate assignment.  This can be exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time (this is normal).  Encourage your student to set some guidelines with their roommate and ask questions to get to know them better and their living style.
  3. Residence Halls are secured through your student’s Flashcard.  In order for a student to gain access to the building, they must swipe their card at the door in order to unlock access to the building.  If a student loses their Flashcard, they must report it as missing online right away to shut off their card access for security purposes.
  4. All residence halls are furnished with a desk, bed and dresser accompanied with internet access.  However, your student is free to decorate their room as much as they would like to make themselves feel “at home”.
  5. Laundry machines are available in the residence halls at no additional cost!


For more information, please visit     Kent State University's Housing